Saturday, October 22, 2016

Class of 2017: Alex {Denver Senior Portrait Photographer}

Alex is a great young man with a great heart...and another handsome member of the Class of 2017!!

Alex, I wish you all the best for this year and into the future! Glad I got to take your pictures!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kiss Me: Chady and Sean {Denver Wedding Photographer}

These two are getting married!! Of course, to celebrate, it calls for a whirlwind photo session around their favorite places in Denver!!

As we know, lots of people move to Denver from other places....and sometimes they keep their team allegiances too! 

HUGE shout out to Cru Wine Bar!!  They went above and beyond to serve and celebrate these two!!

Thanks for the great time!  Can't wait for the wedding!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Families Who Play: The S Family {Denver Family Photographer}

I always like it when families will tell me about their favorite places...and we try to make it possible to do their family playtime session there. These guys told me how much they've loved hiking up at Alderfer/Three Sisters and so of course, that's where we had to go!  I've known this family for a 
L-O-N-G time (like, I've known mom since she was in high school!), so it was great to get to play with them a little behind the camera!

Yes...the littlest one was insistent that he "be the leader"!! I have a feeling this sort of thing might happen a lot, every day!! of these kids is not like the others! That child (whom I will not point out!) needs to make up their own mind before he is ready to cooperate!

Thanks S Family! I always love being with you and it was especially fun to get to photograph your love for one another!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Family Mini Sessions: The L Family {Lone Tree Family Photographer}

Hung out with these three last weekend!  A little family play, light saber fight, cuddles, swings, lots of kisses, tractors and oh...those blue eyes!! During mini sessions we try to pack in all the fun in half the time!! 

So glad to be with you L Family! You graced my camera so well!!