Friday, March 20, 2015

Kiss Me: Kim and Kurt {Denver Wedding Photographer}

These two are getting married soon!!  We decided to do a fun, short session last weekend!

I have to tell you...I love how in love they are...

...and how much they like to laugh and have fun!!

I think all the pictures drove them to drink!!

{Don't you think shoes and socks reveal a bit about the personality?}

Tattoos too!

Kim and Kurt...I can't wait for the wedding!  I totally enjoyed my time with you two!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Waiting for a Little One {Denver Maternity Photography}

I can't wait to meet a little girl in just a few short weeks!  I got to meet her parents the other day and we did a quick session to document this piece of their story - living in Colorado, waiting for their little one!!

{I asked them if the shoe choice said anything about this baby's personality as opposed to her parents!  If so, we know they will all be conscientious buyers (TOMS), but one of them might have a little more "spunk" than the other two!!}

Parents are from Washington state, but this baby will be Colorado born.  We just had to make that clear!!

Thanks C & N!  It was great to hang out with you and to get to photograph this part of your love story!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whole {Breathe}

Thinking about a friend this morning who lost a sweet baby boy a handful of years ago.  Thinking about a friend who is filled with joy at being pregnant but totally terrified after losing her first little one to miscarriage.  Thinking about a younger friend who's husband is battling cancer and who's child struggles with special needs.  Thinking about many other brave friends on this really difficult path toward wholeness.

How do we become whole?  Through incremental steps during the duration of our time here on earth.

To be whole is:

to weep and rejoice
to know crushing grief and buoyant joy
to know we are made of earth, and in the image of God
to see both saint and sinner within us
to embrace both light and dark
to experience betrayal and the friend-who-sticks-closer-than-a-brother

To be whole... to hold the ripped garment in our hands and in time, risk taking needle and thread to mend it is understanding what it is to be alone and also to be fully known is both fear and expectation at the same time is being empty and totally full,
exhausted and energized,
acquainted with both tears and laughter. claw at the ground and scream "why?" raise hands upward and shout "wow!"

It is all this and every boring moment in between.  Each piece we lean into - not rejecting or denying - adds to the fractional journey of becoming whole.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Open {Denver Family Photographer}

To say this is a blended family would be misleading.  To say they live "alternatively" would be true but not in the way you'd think.  To say they are a Red Thread family with a Red Thread story begins to get closer.  Their lives are forever connected through this sweet little boy, who just turned one!

This family has two Mamas - a birth mom and adoptive mom (and of course, dad and big brother too!)  They have chosen openness in adoption which means this little boy gets to grow up and know both mamas.  I have known them all for almost a year now, and while you may have opinions about this "openness" concept, I can tell you what I see is wonderful, difficult, at times messy, and so, so, so beautiful!

Their lives are forever connected and everyday they are learning what it means to live that out.  These mamas have become good friends and, I'm sure, have laughed together, rejoiced together, cried together, and worked through tough stuff together.  

This little boy has been loved since long before he made his appearance in this world.  His birth mama made choices for his health and well being from the beginning, and still continues to make those choices today.

And of course, his adoptive family makes those choices too!  He is doubly loved which is doubly amazing...until maybe he is a teenager and he won't want so many people caring about what he does!!

He is now one....and just an amazing little boy!

I always love my time with this family!  They teach me that love's boundaries are far wider than I ever imagined, and confirm the Red Thread myth - that which connects us may stretch or tangle but it never breaks! 

 (To which this little guy gives a big WHOO HOO!!)

{And I got to attend his first birthday too!!!  Want a peek???}

(with birth mom and her parents)

The birthday boy....

...some guests...

The cake....

Evidently, he had enough cake!

The presents...

Thanks again B Family and Mama S!!  I always, always enjoy being with you all!!