Monday, April 3, 2017

Families Who Play: The B Family {Denver Photographer in Phoenix}

What can I say about this crew? I've known them for over 25 years, have laughed and cried with them, and babysat all those awesome boys! I got to photograph them the other day...after they had a full day of a baseball tournament! Hey B family...y'all clean up well!!

Love ya, B Family!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Families Who Play: The M Family {Denver Photographer in Phoenix}

My favorite part of family pictures is giving a family permission to play in front of the camera! Yes, we all like an image where everyone is looking at the camera, but let's be honest, those pictures are highly overrated...because that is not the majority of "family time". Family is loud, messy, lots of laughter and moments filled with not-looking at a camera joy! 

I love that every time I've photographed this clan, they "do" family in front of me!
{I also love that I got to be in Phoenix with AMAZING weather!!}

Thanks M Family!! You are all fabulous!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Marry Me: Chady and Sean {Denver Wedding Photographer)

These sweet friends of mine got married the other day! Well, to be absolutely accurate, they got married in November - twice (once at the courthouse and then in Cancun!! Very smart choice) - but last weekend they invited us all to come and celebrate with them! The whole event was at Mile High Station (fabulous!!) and the day was marked by love, friendship, family, and lots of little kiddos running around!! So glad I got to be there to celebrate with them!

{Thanks to Union Station!!)

Congratulations Chady and Sean!!