Sunday, September 28, 2008

Senior Pictures - Devin

I did senior pictures with Devin last Monday and then promptly flew to Phoenix, Arizona. I am still here and it is HOT, but Devin has been so patient, I wanted to get a few pictures up on the blog. Enjoy!!
Devin was soooo fun to shoot! She was willing to try all my crazy ideas!
Love those shoes...
Love that face...
This is one of my favorites of Devin. It shows her sweet spirit.
Devin also has a strong faith in God. I thought this picture was fitting to show that side of her. Perhaps she's expressing gratitude that it's finally her senior year!
We ended up in an alley where hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people have stuck their gum to the walls. Well, we did NOT want to be left out...
Those are some great boots!!
Devin is a dancer so we thought we should document that part of her life in images too.
Devin, you are beautiful both inside and out! I had a blast with you!!! Enjoy your pictures and good luck in your senior year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Senior Pictures - Jeff

We tried to do Jeff's senior pictures on a Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate! It poured rain all day...ahhh, signs of Autumn in the Pacific Northwest. So Jeff was so flexible to reschedule for the next day which proved to be much better (and far less wet) for senior pictures.
I love this moss wall behind him. We should have written some sort of message in it ourselves!
Even though, like most boys, taking pictures was not his favorite thing to do, Jeff was a trooper. He put up with me dragging him all over Point Defiance and telling him what to do! Way to go, Jeff!!
So the above photo is not your typical picture, but we found this little action figure just sitting there on a picnic table and decided to have some fun with it. I gave it to Jeff as a souvenir but then he promptly threw it as far as he could into the woods! (Is he making some sort of comment on my gift giving abilities???)
Jeff, you did a great job! It was fun to hang out with you for a couple of hours. Good luck to you and have a great senior year!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ryan - Take Two

OK, so all of these have some sort of blue in them.  But I loved the blue against these backgrounds!!  Good choice on the shirt, mom!!
Love the letterman jacket.
A little washed out, faded color.
Ryan, you have a great smile!!
And some great eyes.
Have a great senior year, Ryan!!  Good luck to you into the future!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senior Pictures - Ryan

 This is one of my favorites from Ryan's senior photo shoot.  I love the wall behind him and, of course, the "model" is pretty handsome guy as well.

We started out at a park down at Rodondo Beach...

Next we went down by the water.  


Then on to Dash Point...

I'm pretty sure mom was making him laugh in this one!!

Although Ryan wasn't thrilled about having his pictures taken, we definitely got a lot of GREAT shots!! I hope it wasn't too painful, Ryan!! I had a great time hanging out with Ryan and his mom. Stay tuned for a few more from our time together...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And then there were more....

Here are a few more from our family photo shoot...

One of the things I love about Pat and Kristen is the way they love to play with their kids.  You can tell they all really enjoy one another!
I love it when kids look up into the camera!
Look at this family - beautiful inside and out!!  We love you, Andersens!