Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Senior Pictures - Jeff

We tried to do Jeff's senior pictures on a Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate! It poured rain all day...ahhh, signs of Autumn in the Pacific Northwest. So Jeff was so flexible to reschedule for the next day which proved to be much better (and far less wet) for senior pictures.
I love this moss wall behind him. We should have written some sort of message in it ourselves!
Even though, like most boys, taking pictures was not his favorite thing to do, Jeff was a trooper. He put up with me dragging him all over Point Defiance and telling him what to do! Way to go, Jeff!!
So the above photo is not your typical picture, but we found this little action figure just sitting there on a picnic table and decided to have some fun with it. I gave it to Jeff as a souvenir but then he promptly threw it as far as he could into the woods! (Is he making some sort of comment on my gift giving abilities???)
Jeff, you did a great job! It was fun to hang out with you for a couple of hours. Good luck to you and have a great senior year!!

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