Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Thompsons

All those of you from Phoenix, don't panic. I just needed to get these pictures up because today they are celebrating a birthday!!
The Thompsons were a fun and flexible family! We were supposed to do their family pictures yesterday, but because of the forecast calling for rain, they quickly got themselves ready on short notice and we met last Wednesday.
Look at those three charming boys! I love the above photo of them, but it makes me wonder how often during the year they all actually look so well behaved and well dressed....(see five photos down)
Now this may be more of a "reality" picture. Not necessarily for a Christmas card, but definitely a picture that mom and dad have seen quite often, I am sure!!
Thompsons, you are a great looking family and fun too! I totally enjoyed our time together. I appreciate your flexibility, your sense of humor, and your love for one another!
I had to put the next picture in...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
Thanks Thompsons!! It was a privilege to meet you and get to take your family photos!!

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