Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Class of 2010 Senior Portrait Sessions Available Now!

Hey class of 2010...the time is here to start thinking about your senior portraits!  With some weddings on the calendar for spring and summer, my calendar is filling up quickly!!  Give me a call and I'll get all the info to you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Beautiful Mama

So here is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I know. This is baby #5 and look how great she looks!! They don't know whether it is a boy or girl yet, but we are all excited to meet this little one!
So we were laughing about looking serene and blissful (like they ask at most maternity shoots), but then we were brought back to the reality of the other siblings that so easily drive us crazy!! Then we couldn't remember what it meant to be serene and blissful... we remembered a little serenity...

A "red thread" baby?? Absolutely. The whole family already feels the connection to this little one and can't wait until he or she makes his/her appearance.
I love the necklace she is wearing. Her husband gave it to her after the birth of their last baby. Isn't it foretelling that the starfish has five arms and here they are ready to have their fifth baby? Ahh...a complete family!!
What a great celebration every baby is!! Thanks for letting me share a little of this one with you guys!! I look foward to photographing all FIVE of your children someday!!

One More....

OK, so as I was editing I just LOVED this picture!! You are beautiful, Jamie!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Latest Senior Pictures

Well, I have to say that the title of this post is a little play on words.  True...this is my latest photoshoot, but to be honest these are the latest (in the year) senior pictures I have ever done.  HOWEVER, the shoot was no less enjoyable than any other I've done and Jamie is as amazingly beautiful as the rest of the girls who have graced my camera!!
I loved working with Jamie.  She is down to earth, easy to talk to and has a quick smile...
I think this may be my favorite photo...she is swinging around to say something to me and was standing in a perfect beam of light!  
We did half of her pictures at a local park and then went to school to do the other half.  She is super involved in sports (and, I'm sure, spends a great many hours at school because of them).
Then Jamie left the "athletic" for a more funky, urban feel.  Check out those shoes. 
I *LOVE* them!!!
Thanks Jamie!!  It was fun to meet you and hang out for an hour or two.  Good luck to you - for this year and into the future!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Anderson's

Once again, I love my job!! I get to take pictures of beautiful, amazing families AND I get to capture the beauty of their connection to each other and the laughter as they play!
David and Heidi Anderson are some of the most generous people I know. David is a wedding photographer in Phoenix, so I'm always honored to be asked to take their family pictures.
Their little guy is just a crack up!! He wanted to open and shut the gate over and over...then on to the backyard to play a little "choo choo" game (see below). I had to put together this series because I love his facial expressions!
I say this often, but I WISH I could capture the sound of the laughter along with the picture!!
This picture (above) is probably my FAVORITE! I will be sure to stay of the streets while this little spit-fire is learning to drive.
Can you tell how much he *LOVES* dad???
David and Heidi have this wonderful couch that we put in the middle of the street and had some fun with. I also had to put together this series. Their little guy was truly only happy when he had my cell phone in his hand, so we decided it could be part of the family pictures. In the first picture, you can see he is trying hard to "figure it out". In the next picture, he is "taking a picture" with my phone - SAY CHEESE!! I love the last photo mostly because their little guy is so serious about the "picture" he has just taken and David and Heidi are laughing so hard!!
He loves wearing his dad's shoes...
Ahhh....Andersons, it is always a privilege to photograph your family!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Simply Headshots

Meet Basia. I had the privilege of meeting her in the fall to do her Senior Pictures. This time she just needed some headshots. So pick your favorites, Basia. Then email me to let me know which ones they are.
I loved this one above so I had to do it in Black and White too!
The above and below are pretty much the same. It just depends if you want a horizontal or vertical picture.
Once again, I had to do it in Black and White!
The next three are all similar. The first is a little zoomed out. The second is zoomed in and in color. The third is the same as the second just in black and white.
It was fun to see you again, Basia. And fun to have you in the new "downstairs studio"!!