Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Anderson's

Once again, I love my job!! I get to take pictures of beautiful, amazing families AND I get to capture the beauty of their connection to each other and the laughter as they play!
David and Heidi Anderson are some of the most generous people I know. David is a wedding photographer in Phoenix, so I'm always honored to be asked to take their family pictures.
Their little guy is just a crack up!! He wanted to open and shut the gate over and over...then on to the backyard to play a little "choo choo" game (see below). I had to put together this series because I love his facial expressions!
I say this often, but I WISH I could capture the sound of the laughter along with the picture!!
This picture (above) is probably my FAVORITE! I will be sure to stay of the streets while this little spit-fire is learning to drive.
Can you tell how much he *LOVES* dad???
David and Heidi have this wonderful couch that we put in the middle of the street and had some fun with. I also had to put together this series. Their little guy was truly only happy when he had my cell phone in his hand, so we decided it could be part of the family pictures. In the first picture, you can see he is trying hard to "figure it out". In the next picture, he is "taking a picture" with my phone - SAY CHEESE!! I love the last photo mostly because their little guy is so serious about the "picture" he has just taken and David and Heidi are laughing so hard!!
He loves wearing his dad's shoes...
Ahhh....Andersons, it is always a privilege to photograph your family!!!

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