Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brittany and George

I had the extreme pleasure of helping a friend of mine, Chris Maddox, photograph a wedding in Louisiana this past weekend. Since I have the leisure of being the "second shooter", I thought I'd post a few of the pictures I took in the form of Storyboards...along with the story of Brittany and George's big day. (By the way, click on the smaller pictures to see them, as my kids would say, "more big").
We arrived in Louisiana in time to get a taste of good Southern cooking and an invitation to the rehearsal dinner. The piece de resistance of the meal was fresh, boiled crawfish. Boy, did I get an education in how to eat them! Though it was a little tricky at first, I got the hang of the tails, but I must say that I never did quite get the knack of the heads. A few people asked me what I thought and my honest response was "I sure was glad for the brisket!"
The next morning I was introduced to some more Southern cuisine...beignets. The whole wedding party began the day with pastries and coffee. But I don't think that wasn't exciting enough for them, so two of the bridesmaids had a powdered sugar war. By the end they were both covered in white dust and had us all laughing hysterically.
After the events of the morning it was evident that showers were a necessity. One of the things that impressed me so much about Brittany was her easy going manner. Originally, she had wanted a burnt orange-red color for the dresses, but when she contacted the company they told her those dresses were no longer available. So she ordered the more true orange big deal right? However, when all the bridesmaids finally got together, it was soon obvious that some of them had the orange dresses and others had the orange-red color. AND one of the dresses was even in a slightly different style from the others. But Brittany took it all in stride and I really *LOVED* the look of the different color dresses. (idea for other brides out there!!)
These girls were SO much fun! Most of them had grown up together in Brazil. The whole morning was filled with Portuguese (I think) music and conversations would start in one language only to flip to the other. They were outgoing, loving, and were quick to laugh and play. I could see their deep affection for one another and it was a privilege to get to hang out with them.
I thought the rings were so beautiful. Classic and simple, however which brings us to another story....
I guess the jeweler didn't get George's ring in on time, so they had to use the "sample" ring from the store. I just had to capture it (above) because that is one of those little things that makes each wedding unique. Of course, true to form, Brittany didn't panic but just went with the flow of events.
A few fun "behind the scenes" shots from the day (above). There was plenty to do including a last minute sewing of a panel of material on the front of all the dresses. I don't think I put it in, but the Bride was even ironing all the bridesmaids dresses that morning!
Leaving the hotel...ready for a big day and an even bigger celebration!!
Stay tuned for some more stories and storyboards from the rest of the wedding.

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