Friday, March 27, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...Brittany and George Take 2

So picking up where I left off (from the previous post)...The wedding took place in a beautiful house on a huge piece of property that belongs to someone in Brittany's family.  After leaving the hotel, that is where we headed.  Suffice it to say, I got a first-hand experience of what Southern hospitality looks like - all the preparation and all the details done with finesse and charm.  I was amazed!!

As the bridesmaids helped Brittany get dressed, she pulled out this *GREAT* pair of orange gloves.  Still not sure why she had the gloves, but we had some fun with them!!
Did I mention in the last post how fun all these young women are???  They laughed and hammed it up in front of the camera (and of course, gave me some good "serious" shots too).  After we took pictures of all the bridesmaids, four of them decided to hang out with us while we photographed the Bride.  They kept her laughing and as we explored the property, they found a couple of boats and entertained us with a little reenactment of an expedition down the Amazon River (or should I say Rio Amazonas?).  I was laughing so hard at times, it was hard to focus on taking pictures...I wanted to jump in the boats with them.
Well, since the Bride is the center of attention on the Wedding Day (sorry George, it's just the truth), Brittany gets some full, individual pictures of herself looking gorgeous and glamorous and sometimes a little sassy...
I *LOVE* Brittany's bouquet!!  So simple but totally striking...
OK, so the one below shows a little "sass"...
By the time we were done with the bride's pictures, Chris and I were just slightly sticky from all that Louisiana humidity.   (I think it was the first time I really understood that phrase people say when talking about Arizona - "But it's a DRY heat".)  It was good to get a little air conditioning before the big event.  Below is a collage of pictures from the wedding...
It was a beautiful ceremony!  They even had their parents come and pray a blessing over them.  When it was over, you could feel their excitement as they danced off the patio...on their way to MORE pictures!
Once again, did I mention how fun this wedding party was???  They were up for all the crazy ideas that Chris and I came up with.  My favorite idea????  The *BIG FISH* picture (see bottom pic).
With the maid of honor and best man (who happened to be George's dad - how cool is that?)
I think my favorite part of any wedding is the privilege of photographing two people who have just minutes before committed their lives to one another.  There is a sweetness in those few moments between the couple that is found in few other places.  The groom adores his bride and she is his.  Sometimes I'm not sure if a couple even remembers that I am there...
There were so many fun "cake" pictures, they warranted their own collage.  These two took the biggest pieces of cake I have ever seen and ever so delicately...shoved it into each others faces.  
I love this picture below...George's intensity and Brittany's giggling.  Something tells me there may be other moments in their life when the exact same thing will happen.
The last collage...(are you getting tired yet?)  The reception was wonderful.  I got a taste for some more Southern fare.  The Jambalaya was delicious, as was the Shrimp Etouffee.  My compliments to the chef, whoever you are!!  There was much dancing and talking and reuniting at the reception.  Dad even was caught jamming on the neck of the guitar from the groom's cake!  The end of the evening was closed out with a chorus of "Ma Familia" (not sure I spelled that right), sung by all the "Brazilian kids". 
Brittany and George (and both sets of parents) it was an honor to be able to photograph the wedding.  Many, many blessings on you and your marriage!

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