Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lucy Has Arrived!!

Congratulations to the Engler family on the arrival of their newest child...Lucy!!  When I arrived at the house, we had 30 minutes to complete the photo shoot.  This is an amazing family!  Even in the chaos of being on a time crunch, everyone cooperated and we had a great time!
When I took maternity pictures of Sharon, she had the starfish necklace.  It was a gift from her husband after baby number four and now represents a complete family...five kids!
OK, so I had to do another collage of the pictures (above)
Here is Rose - who finally has a SISTER!!!  (below)
Here are Lucy's amazing siblings....
Proud parents...
I love this photo.  I can tell this little girl will be fully loved!
Lucy's grandma was there to visit her...
 OK, so Lucy was starting to wear out.  We had her in a basket and Dad decided to pick her up and give her a swing or two.  What do you know?  She liked the swing!
Look at all the beautiful women of this family...
Alright, Lucy was done.  Actually maybe all of us was time for a nap!
Once again, congratulations Englers.  Lucy is beautiful and so are the rest of your children.  I am so excited for you!!

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