Monday, April 6, 2009


So we did Ben's yearbook head shots back in the fall...and here he was then...
Here are some from our photo shoot from Sunday.  First of all, I think it was the first time the sun shone in weeks AND it was warm!!  We couldn't have picked a better day!
Ben has a great smile and is quick to laugh.  He has a deep commitment to God and will even be traveling abroad this summer to put his faith into action.  Way to go, Ben!
I am sure your mother feels this way too...but I cannot get over how much you have changed this year!  From this past fall to the young man who stood in front of me this past weekend, I think it is amazing and so exciting!
 I think the picture below is one of my favorites.
Ben is also quite the photographer himself.  (I am always honored when photographers ask me to take their pictures...after all we are the most finicky about what we like!!)  We had to catch him in action.
So there are at least a few from our time together...I'm still working on the rest but I wanted to get a few posted.  Also...wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to hang out with you the other day.  I wish you many, many blessings on your travels around the globe!!

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