Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kiss Me: Meagan and Tony

Meagan and Tony were so fun to shoot!! They are counting down the days until September and are trying to figure out the "long distance relationship" thing until them. (One of them lives in Washington, another in Nevada.)  I added the picture below to the post so you could see their wonderful faces because I realized the rest of the pictures are a little more "candid" or artistic.  Enjoy!

What made them so fun to photograph was the fact that they hadn't been together for four weeks...which made my job easy!  I just told them to hang out, enjoy one another and I would capture the moments.  They were so happy to comply to my request....
 I *LOVE* this one!!!  
 Caught under the pier...
...and on the beach... the parking lot...
...and by a cool old Mercedes Benz.
There are so many more great pictures from our time together, guys!!!  (Thanks for waiting a couple of days!)  I cannot wait to photograph your wedding in September!!!

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