Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the Snyders {Seattle Family Photography}

I had the wonderful adventure of photographing this wonderful family yesterday.  First of all, the day couldn't have been more beautiful.  Sunny in Seattle...ahhh! those of us who live here do not take days like this for granted.  So we ventured down to Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.
They really wanted some pictures of them being together and playing as a family - a more casual and candid session.  You'll notice that kissing seems to be a theme from our shoot...
  I think this is one of my FAVORITES!!  I caught this little pumpkin trying to see what I was doing and caught her parents kissing at the same time!!  Ohhhh...I think that little on is scrumptious!
Once again, the kissing continues.  It was so obvious to me that these two are enjoying being parents and adore that little one!
All the way down at the beach there was this great fence.  We were so happy to stand there and be a little fashion model!!
Alright, so I said that we just absorb sunny days here in the Northwest, but that sun was a little bright.  Instead of looking at me, we decided to play a little "footsie" game.  (However, I just want to point out...look at that sky!!  Not a cloud in sight!!)
  There was a beautiful field of wildflowers at the Sculpture Park, but I think the little smiling flower is the most beautiful one of all!  I am sure her parents agree with me.
Over the loud speaker came..."Do not touch the sculptures!" (which we weren't!) but it looks like the girls thought it was funny AND they even look like they might be planning a little mischief...
And here comes the kissing part again.  Good thing that little one is still...well, little.  Otherwise she'd be embarrassed that her parents like each other so much!
We had a little clothing change at the end of the shoot and got some "Pretty in Pink" shots before this little lady let us know that it was time to be done.  Once again, I think I could just gobble her up!
Thanks Snyder Family.  It was great to meet you and get to photograph you.  You guys are amazing parents and have such a beautiful daughter!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Matt and Lisa and Baby Girl On the Way {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

I think this is such a fun story...I have known Lisa since she was in High School.  She was part of the youth group that my husband and I served in as youth staff (in Arizona).  After her graduation, I didn't see her much (although we still had lots of friends in common).  Then to our surprise, 2 years ago, when we moved up to the Northwest we found out that Lisa and her husband lived less than 5 minutes away from us!!  What a small world...
So now they are expecting their first baby, a little girl.  And I had the privilege of taking some maternity for them.  I *LOVE* my job!!!
Matt and Lisa were up for an adventure, so we started in downtown Tacoma for some urban shots.  (Have I mentioned elsewhere how much I love Tacoma???)
I think this picture shows so much about Matt and Lisa's relationship.  When you are with them you can tell they are very much in love AND you can sense how much Matt loves and cares for his wife.
See....I told you he loves her a lot!! I think all pregnant women have a beauty to them, but I think Lisa is just plain, downright amazing looking.  She is one HOT mama!!
  Once again...I am proven right!!  (Don't you love this door frame??  We stumbled across it on our photographic adventure.  I love exploring!!)
Next, we headed down to the beach.  I know it doesn't look like it, but Matt and Lisa had do a bit of acrobatics to get out on this old piece of pier.  The tide was super high and they had to balance across logs and over the beams...quite a feat for pregnant lady!  
Then we went to a nearby field (and I was so excited they hadn't mowed in quite a while).  I love this picture...

The next image is perhaps my favorite of the day.  The sun was low and warm, the field was un-mowed and Lisa was looking so beautiful in this black dress.
Matt and Lisa, I had so much fun with you yesterday.  I loved watching your love for one another and count it a privilege to get to watch your family grow!  I look forward to meeting this baby girl!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ashley's Senior Pictures {Tacoma, Washington}

I took Ashley's yearbook headshots back in the fall, so it was fun to see her again.  What can I say?...I love downtown Tacoma!  So many great spaces for photo opportunities!!
Ashley brought a friend along with her so I had them sit on the corner with this sign.  I *LOVE* it!!  I guess sometimes in life it is good to "look both ways"!
If you check out Ashley's shoes (in the first picture), you'll understand why she needed a lift!  The heels are great for photos but not so great for hiking up and down the inclines in Tacoma.
Ashley has a great smile...
...and fun personality!!
I *LOVE* this one!!  Shows a little attitude!!
I like her looks in the next two...
And a fun one for the end!
Ashley, it was fun to hang out with you!  Hope your last few weeks in high school are great!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mariah's Senior Pictures {West Seattle, Washington}

The problem with posting senior pictures is that I have to try to decide my favorite images of the session. As I edit, I keep thinking..."This is my, this is my favorite..." This session with Mariah was no different. It was so hard to choose my favorites because she looked great in all of them and I had a lot of fun with her on the shoot.
We started off at a park in West Seattle and Mariah was willing to lay in woodchips...
and swing on the swings. I *LOVE* the image on the she having fun or what???
We hiked down to the beach next for the next few shots.
I really wanted to get some pictures of her under the pier. But shhhhhh!!! don't tell anybody we were walking on a private "restricted access" beach. Oh well...I figured if we were asked to leave we would but otherwise we'd get some great shots (and Mariah was totally up for it!).
Under the pier....Mariah, you look like you should be a model!!
After the park, we ventured to Georgetown and found some great buildings, brick and vehicles. I loved this old truck and when Mariah said she did too...we did a few pictures here!
There is a Vespa dealership in Georgetown (who knew??) and we asked if she could get on one for a few pictures, but this was as close as we could get. However, once again Mariah, I think you could be a model for Vespa!!
Mariah has a great smile, but I really liked a few serious looks too...
We always try to have a little fun on a photo shoot and here is the proof. Jumping from high places and laughing at ourselves for bringing my favorite senior picture chair into an alleyway...
and a fun smile as she rolls her eyes at me!!
Mariah, you are beautiful and it was such a privilege to photograph you!! Hope the rest of year is AWESOME!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aryana's Senior Pictures {Tacoma, Washington}

On one of those rare sunny, spring days I got to meet Aryana - a young lady with an equally sunny disposition. Aryana is a 2009 graduate with a quick smile and sweet personality. We had lots of fun!!
Aryana plays guitar so we thought we'd get a few pictures to prove it. I thought our photo session might end as soon as it began because she was so relaxed and having a great time just laying in the sunshine! I felt bad having to move on; we here in the Northwest need sunshine anytime we can get it!
Evidently Aryana is quite the singer too, but I couldn't entice her to sing for me (or the ducks at the park).
She brought her graduation dress and we promptly got it nice and dirty on the beach. I love that she was so willing to do whatever...
I think she has such a beautiful face...
I love this picture...she was trying to walk along railroad tracks and started to fall over. Probably not the picture that she'll use for her graduation announcements, but I love her laughing smile!
A little more serious on the train tracks...
We found a pretty patch of grass and flowers...
and a colorful door...
and a beautiful purple wall..
Then we stopped at a little local market and had a little fun. I hope you never lose your quick laughter or sense of adventure, Aryana!
We just had to go inside the market. The inside was like being transported back to a 1950's soda shop. I loved the stools (and I plan to take my kids back to the shop for some root beer floats).
Aryana, I had so much fun with you and your mom! I wish you all the best for the rest of the year and on into your future!!