Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ashley's Senior Pictures {Tacoma, Washington}

I took Ashley's yearbook headshots back in the fall, so it was fun to see her again.  What can I say?...I love downtown Tacoma!  So many great spaces for photo opportunities!!
Ashley brought a friend along with her so I had them sit on the corner with this sign.  I *LOVE* it!!  I guess sometimes in life it is good to "look both ways"!
If you check out Ashley's shoes (in the first picture), you'll understand why she needed a lift!  The heels are great for photos but not so great for hiking up and down the inclines in Tacoma.
Ashley has a great smile...
...and fun personality!!
I *LOVE* this one!!  Shows a little attitude!!
I like her looks in the next two...
And a fun one for the end!
Ashley, it was fun to hang out with you!  Hope your last few weeks in high school are great!!!

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