Monday, May 18, 2009

Mariah's Senior Pictures {West Seattle, Washington}

The problem with posting senior pictures is that I have to try to decide my favorite images of the session. As I edit, I keep thinking..."This is my, this is my favorite..." This session with Mariah was no different. It was so hard to choose my favorites because she looked great in all of them and I had a lot of fun with her on the shoot.
We started off at a park in West Seattle and Mariah was willing to lay in woodchips...
and swing on the swings. I *LOVE* the image on the she having fun or what???
We hiked down to the beach next for the next few shots.
I really wanted to get some pictures of her under the pier. But shhhhhh!!! don't tell anybody we were walking on a private "restricted access" beach. Oh well...I figured if we were asked to leave we would but otherwise we'd get some great shots (and Mariah was totally up for it!).
Under the pier....Mariah, you look like you should be a model!!
After the park, we ventured to Georgetown and found some great buildings, brick and vehicles. I loved this old truck and when Mariah said she did too...we did a few pictures here!
There is a Vespa dealership in Georgetown (who knew??) and we asked if she could get on one for a few pictures, but this was as close as we could get. However, once again Mariah, I think you could be a model for Vespa!!
Mariah has a great smile, but I really liked a few serious looks too...
We always try to have a little fun on a photo shoot and here is the proof. Jumping from high places and laughing at ourselves for bringing my favorite senior picture chair into an alleyway...
and a fun smile as she rolls her eyes at me!!
Mariah, you are beautiful and it was such a privilege to photograph you!! Hope the rest of year is AWESOME!!!

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