Monday, May 25, 2009

Matt and Lisa and Baby Girl On the Way {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

I think this is such a fun story...I have known Lisa since she was in High School.  She was part of the youth group that my husband and I served in as youth staff (in Arizona).  After her graduation, I didn't see her much (although we still had lots of friends in common).  Then to our surprise, 2 years ago, when we moved up to the Northwest we found out that Lisa and her husband lived less than 5 minutes away from us!!  What a small world...
So now they are expecting their first baby, a little girl.  And I had the privilege of taking some maternity for them.  I *LOVE* my job!!!
Matt and Lisa were up for an adventure, so we started in downtown Tacoma for some urban shots.  (Have I mentioned elsewhere how much I love Tacoma???)
I think this picture shows so much about Matt and Lisa's relationship.  When you are with them you can tell they are very much in love AND you can sense how much Matt loves and cares for his wife.
See....I told you he loves her a lot!! I think all pregnant women have a beauty to them, but I think Lisa is just plain, downright amazing looking.  She is one HOT mama!!
  Once again...I am proven right!!  (Don't you love this door frame??  We stumbled across it on our photographic adventure.  I love exploring!!)
Next, we headed down to the beach.  I know it doesn't look like it, but Matt and Lisa had do a bit of acrobatics to get out on this old piece of pier.  The tide was super high and they had to balance across logs and over the beams...quite a feat for pregnant lady!  
Then we went to a nearby field (and I was so excited they hadn't mowed in quite a while).  I love this picture...

The next image is perhaps my favorite of the day.  The sun was low and warm, the field was un-mowed and Lisa was looking so beautiful in this black dress.
Matt and Lisa, I had so much fun with you yesterday.  I loved watching your love for one another and count it a privilege to get to watch your family grow!  I look forward to meeting this baby girl!!!

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