Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the Snyders {Seattle Family Photography}

I had the wonderful adventure of photographing this wonderful family yesterday.  First of all, the day couldn't have been more beautiful.  Sunny in Seattle...ahhh! those of us who live here do not take days like this for granted.  So we ventured down to Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle.
They really wanted some pictures of them being together and playing as a family - a more casual and candid session.  You'll notice that kissing seems to be a theme from our shoot...
  I think this is one of my FAVORITES!!  I caught this little pumpkin trying to see what I was doing and caught her parents kissing at the same time!!  Ohhhh...I think that little on is scrumptious!
Once again, the kissing continues.  It was so obvious to me that these two are enjoying being parents and adore that little one!
All the way down at the beach there was this great fence.  We were so happy to stand there and be a little fashion model!!
Alright, so I said that we just absorb sunny days here in the Northwest, but that sun was a little bright.  Instead of looking at me, we decided to play a little "footsie" game.  (However, I just want to point out...look at that sky!!  Not a cloud in sight!!)
  There was a beautiful field of wildflowers at the Sculpture Park, but I think the little smiling flower is the most beautiful one of all!  I am sure her parents agree with me.
Over the loud speaker came..."Do not touch the sculptures!" (which we weren't!) but it looks like the girls thought it was funny AND they even look like they might be planning a little mischief...
And here comes the kissing part again.  Good thing that little one is still...well, little.  Otherwise she'd be embarrassed that her parents like each other so much!
We had a little clothing change at the end of the shoot and got some "Pretty in Pink" shots before this little lady let us know that it was time to be done.  Once again, I think I could just gobble her up!
Thanks Snyder Family.  It was great to meet you and get to photograph you.  You guys are amazing parents and have such a beautiful daughter!!

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