Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stacie and Rich Engagement Session {Bellevue, Washington}

"You get a line and I'll get a pole..."  Stacie and Rich like to go to this little park and fish, so I thought I'd catch them in action.
We did the shoot on a day that we were trying to outlast the rain...or rather we would last as long as the rain stayed at bay.  We would feel a drop or two but then it would hold off and let us keep going!
I didn't really want to have to photograph real fish (it's not the typical item in engagement photos) so I brought them some gummy fish instead.
I love when I have couples sit together and just enjoy one another's company.   They seem to melt into each other and I can tell they are "at home".
LOVE this ring.  Rich picked it out all by himself...I think he did a fabulous job!
OK, so Stacie and Rich were just FUN to photograph.  I think Stacie decided she didn't want to walk and of course, Rich was glad to help his beautiful bride-to-be!
They say opposites attract...well, I think that fiction and non-fiction make a good marriage!!  (They love, not only to fish, but also read at the park.)
And maybe a little rest and relaxation...
Once again, we had fun!!  They were willing to get up on the Lifeguard chair (although the sign said there was no lifeguard) and be silly...
...and a little serious...
Stacie and Rich are down to earth, easy going couple.  We wanted to get as many candid (as candid as you can get with a photographer following your every move) as we could.  I love to watch their interaction in these next few photos.  You can tell they are in LOVE.
Stacie and Rich, thanks for giving me the privilege of photographing your connection with one another and your love for each other.  I look forward to the BIG DAY in July!!

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