Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Delkeskamps {Tacoma Family Photography}

Meet the Delkeskamps.  Though they didn't come to me for family pictures, we decided to do a mini family session to document their travels.  See, they actually came to us to stay at our house while they are traveling across the country on their sabbatical.  (We didn't even know them before they came...but now we feel like we have new friends!!)
Since this was their last day with us, we went down to the beach to shoot a few pictures.  After all, everyone needs some photos of amazing adventures.
  Tim and Chamie are beautiful people...
  ...and their kids are full of life...
  I loved this picture...Chamie is kissing Tim and the little ones are wondering what is going on down there!
So the photo below is the "reality" photo.  This is the vehicle they will pretty much live in for the next four weeks as they go on their journeys.
It was great to meet you, Delkeskamps, and have you in our home.  May you have many Red Thread moments on the rest of your travels.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Olson Family {Auburn Family Photography}

I had the privilege of photographing the Olson family yesterday.  I could not have asked for more willing and FUN subjects!!  As you'll see by the variety of pictures, they were up for anything AND they love to have a great time together.
We weren't sure if the boat would hold all 6 of them, but that didn't stop them from getting in the boat!!  However,  it did start to let in a little water, so before we capsized (although that would have made interesting family pictures) we opted to send only 2 from the family out and Mom and Dad are a such a beautiful couple.  (I wish I could have captured Mom's laugh...it is full and joyful and so infectious!)
  We went from a boat to a wall.  And what better to do with a little rock wall but jump off it!!  I love all their expressions!!!
  This is one of Olson girls with her husband.  They are still newlyweds and I love this sweet picture and the tranquility as they enjoy one another at the end of the dock...very different from a couple pictures to come!
Look at those three girls.  They are fun, adventurous and love each other A LOT!!  It was a great honor to get to capture their connection with each other.
  I *LOVE* this picture!!!  Sure, I have one of all them standing nicely and looking at me, but this one is classic.  I love the expression on the husband being kissed - a little excited and a lot of shocked!!  And everyone else is kind of doing their own thing...now that is a REAL family portrait!!
 OK...so here is more of a "Christmas card" picture.  Everyone is being well behaved!
 Still well behaved.......mostly!
  I love this picture too!!  They reminded me of a pack of puppies who love to run and tumble and play and snuggle with each other - even while walking down the road!!  (By they way, I think that is a WONDERFUL quality!!!)
  Next, they showed me their newest "toys" - a badminton set up that was given to Dad for Father's Day.  They showed off their skills and a little silliness...as you'll see in some of the pictures to follow.
Next, the newlyweds showed me this little bike they picked up for free and how they love to ride down the hill together on it.  Of course, the family is signaling their warnings and cautions....
And they are not heeding any of the warnings....but having a lot of fun!!  (I was glad they saw me and chose to turn before I became part of their contraption!)
Although I have a bunch of great family shots of them, I think this one sums up their personalities!!  It captures their togetherness, their playfulness, their connection and of course, their goofiness!
Olson Family, enjoy this small sampling of your family pictures.  It was TRULY a privilege to be with you yesterday!  I hope when my kids are grown they will want to be together and play like you guys!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Fun {Seattle/Tacoma Photography}

It's been said that "amateur" means a person who engages in an activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.  Well, I've had about a week off from "professional" photography and realized how much pleasure it gives me telling a story with pictures.  Usually, I get to tell somebody else's story, but today here is mine (and my family's)....
We had a visit from a good friend, Chris Maddox.  He's been in Rwanda since April and we were his first stop on his journey back to the States.  He's a great photographer and any picture without my Red Thread watermark was taken by him.  Thanks, Chris!!
We went down to the "gummiest" wall in downtown Seattle.  Doesn't it look delicious???  (OK, so we really didn't EAT the existing gum...that stuff was from our mouth.)  
My daughter and friend Kathi are pictured above - can you believe Kathi traveled all the way from Arizona just to chew the gum???
  Next stop, the troll under the bridge in Freemont.  That's my son making friends with the giant!!  I have another picture of him picking the troll's nose.  But after the last few shots I'll try to lighten up on the gross stuff!
  My two favorite boys!!!
  Evidently, this week was a time to get rid of hair around our house too.  My son got his long flowing locks cut off...
Of course, we can't do anything quite "status quo" around our house!!
Good-bye hair!!!
  I've also had some fun taking pictures of other kids this week.  Here is a cutie pie who lets me take her pictures if I feed her "scooby snacks" (her mom is good friend of mine).
  I went and hung out a park with another photographer friend and took pictures of kids climbing all over the equipment.  They were so fun...and don't worry we asked for parental permission first!!  I have a few other great shots, but wanted to protect the privacy of the families, so here is a little "peak-a-boo" shot!!
  I've loved my week off - with guests and family and taking pictures for fun!!  No matter if I'm being "professional" or just taking pictures for the love of it, I love telling a story!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Camera Bag Giveaway

For all you budding photographers, here is a chance to win an amazing camera bag!!  Click on this link to Pics and Kicks to enter and see all the rules and regulations.
 Here are just a couple of pictures from the above website.  Everybody needs a good visual to be enticed to enter.  They look like amazing bags!!  Good luck!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Singer Family {Tacoma Family Photography}

Meet the Singer family...I had the privilege of photographing them on Sunday evening down by the beach. What a fun family!! They were full of fun, conversation and energy (especially the kids)!!
OK, so now here are their faces!
The two kids were laughing and giggling almost the entire time! It was fun to watch them interact with each other. Marc and Jennifer, you're doing a great job raising them if they like one another this much!!
A surprise kiss for dad. Happy Father's Day!!
We played on the playground for a while. This little one decided to be brave and jump off the swing. I love the focused look...she is ready to stick her landing.
Some more park time...
I have a whole series of these pictures, Marc and Jennifer. Each one has a different member of your family looking at me and then one with your little guy on his bottom. Can't wait to show you...but here is a little preview.
More kisses....
The next two are some of my favorites. I did them in "vintage" with a texture over them. I *LOVE* the connection of the kiss and holding hands.
We took a moment to get some of mom and dad...but only a moment. As I was taking these their little guy decided to make a break for it and headed straight for the water. By the time we got to him, shoes and the edges of his pants were wet.
A couple of sweet pictures of each child....
Building sand castles...
...drawing with sidewalk chalk...
...running and swinging...(I love this one! I tried to get them altogether, but that little guy just wanted to RUN!!)
Phew!! All tired out after all that activity. (Believe it our not, that little boy really was tired, but he still gave the best smiles. Ahhh...every photographer's dream!)
Thanks Singer family! I enjoyed hanging out with you for an hour or so. You were all amazing!!