Saturday, June 13, 2009

Basia's Senior Pictures {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I think one of the things I love most about doing Senior sessions with girls is capturing how beautiful they are.  I think there are so many "voices" around girls that tell them they aren't beautiful or they don't measure up, and I totally enjoy spending 2 hours with a girl telling her the total opposite!  Every girl I have photographed has a deep beauty to her, and now here is Basia to show off hers...
You may recognize the car from a previous engagement session.  Love this car.  Love that nobody stops me from using it.  Love the look, Basia!
I bought these pinwheels for an upcoming family shoot, but thought they would be a kind of fun addition to Basia's photo shoot.  The colors totally fit this great tank top of hers.
I *LOVE* this laughing smile!!!  Basia had some fun on the swings.
I don't have many girls wear hats for their sessions, but maybe I should encourage it more.  This is a great look!
  Down on the beach...
OK, so this might be one of favorites from our shoot.  I love the look, the location and I how the wind totally cooperated with us.  Look at that perfect flip of that hair.
  Once again, I really like some of the shots where we catch seniors "playing".  I love that Basia was willing to get in the water, get her jeans wet, and goof around a little.
Catching a little sunshine...which is sometimes not as easy as it sounds where we live!  It was an amazing day...almost cloudless, warm, and sunny.  
For the last bit of our shoot we went to my favorite field (so glad they didn't mow it yet!)  Basia put on a petty pink dress for some more delicate, feminine pictures.  Once again, you look amazing, Basia.
I brought my favorite chair with us and so glad I did.  I think this is such a sweet, soft image.
Basia, it was a privilege to photograph you.  You were a fun model!!  Not only are you beautiful on the outside, your sweet spirit shines from the inside out.  Congratulations on finishing high school...good luck into your future!!

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BMoore Photography said...

These are fabulous! I fully intend to "borrow" some of your ideas for a couple of sessions I have with girls coming up in the next few weeks...especially the swings and the water. Sunshine is plentiful here, water not so much, but there are places if you are willing to drive the backroads...which I am!