Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Delkeskamps {Tacoma Family Photography}

Meet the Delkeskamps.  Though they didn't come to me for family pictures, we decided to do a mini family session to document their travels.  See, they actually came to us to stay at our house while they are traveling across the country on their sabbatical.  (We didn't even know them before they came...but now we feel like we have new friends!!)
Since this was their last day with us, we went down to the beach to shoot a few pictures.  After all, everyone needs some photos of amazing adventures.
  Tim and Chamie are beautiful people...
  ...and their kids are full of life...
  I loved this picture...Chamie is kissing Tim and the little ones are wondering what is going on down there!
So the photo below is the "reality" photo.  This is the vehicle they will pretty much live in for the next four weeks as they go on their journeys.
It was great to meet you, Delkeskamps, and have you in our home.  May you have many Red Thread moments on the rest of your travels.

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