Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Olson Family {Auburn Family Photography}

I had the privilege of photographing the Olson family yesterday.  I could not have asked for more willing and FUN subjects!!  As you'll see by the variety of pictures, they were up for anything AND they love to have a great time together.
We weren't sure if the boat would hold all 6 of them, but that didn't stop them from getting in the boat!!  However,  it did start to let in a little water, so before we capsized (although that would have made interesting family pictures) we opted to send only 2 from the family out and Mom and Dad are a such a beautiful couple.  (I wish I could have captured Mom's is full and joyful and so infectious!)
  We went from a boat to a wall.  And what better to do with a little rock wall but jump off it!!  I love all their expressions!!!
  This is one of Olson girls with her husband.  They are still newlyweds and I love this sweet picture and the tranquility as they enjoy one another at the end of the dock...very different from a couple pictures to come!
Look at those three girls.  They are fun, adventurous and love each other A LOT!!  It was a great honor to get to capture their connection with each other.
  I *LOVE* this picture!!!  Sure, I have one of all them standing nicely and looking at me, but this one is classic.  I love the expression on the husband being kissed - a little excited and a lot of shocked!!  And everyone else is kind of doing their own that is a REAL family portrait!! here is more of a "Christmas card" picture.  Everyone is being well behaved!
 Still well behaved.......mostly!
  I love this picture too!!  They reminded me of a pack of puppies who love to run and tumble and play and snuggle with each other - even while walking down the road!!  (By they way, I think that is a WONDERFUL quality!!!)
  Next, they showed me their newest "toys" - a badminton set up that was given to Dad for Father's Day.  They showed off their skills and a little you'll see in some of the pictures to follow.
Next, the newlyweds showed me this little bike they picked up for free and how they love to ride down the hill together on it.  Of course, the family is signaling their warnings and cautions....
And they are not heeding any of the warnings....but having a lot of fun!!  (I was glad they saw me and chose to turn before I became part of their contraption!)
Although I have a bunch of great family shots of them, I think this one sums up their personalities!!  It captures their togetherness, their playfulness, their connection and of course, their goofiness!
Olson Family, enjoy this small sampling of your family pictures.  It was TRULY a privilege to be with you yesterday!  I hope when my kids are grown they will want to be together and play like you guys!!

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