Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Singer Family {Tacoma Family Photography}

Meet the Singer family...I had the privilege of photographing them on Sunday evening down by the beach. What a fun family!! They were full of fun, conversation and energy (especially the kids)!!
OK, so now here are their faces!
The two kids were laughing and giggling almost the entire time! It was fun to watch them interact with each other. Marc and Jennifer, you're doing a great job raising them if they like one another this much!!
A surprise kiss for dad. Happy Father's Day!!
We played on the playground for a while. This little one decided to be brave and jump off the swing. I love the focused look...she is ready to stick her landing.
Some more park time...
I have a whole series of these pictures, Marc and Jennifer. Each one has a different member of your family looking at me and then one with your little guy on his bottom. Can't wait to show you...but here is a little preview.
More kisses....
The next two are some of my favorites. I did them in "vintage" with a texture over them. I *LOVE* the connection of the kiss and holding hands.
We took a moment to get some of mom and dad...but only a moment. As I was taking these their little guy decided to make a break for it and headed straight for the water. By the time we got to him, shoes and the edges of his pants were wet.
A couple of sweet pictures of each child....
Building sand castles...
...drawing with sidewalk chalk...
...running and swinging...(I love this one! I tried to get them altogether, but that little guy just wanted to RUN!!)
Phew!! All tired out after all that activity. (Believe it our not, that little boy really was tired, but he still gave the best smiles. Ahhh...every photographer's dream!)
Thanks Singer family! I enjoyed hanging out with you for an hour or so. You were all amazing!!

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