Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Fun {Seattle/Tacoma Photography}

It's been said that "amateur" means a person who engages in an activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.  Well, I've had about a week off from "professional" photography and realized how much pleasure it gives me telling a story with pictures.  Usually, I get to tell somebody else's story, but today here is mine (and my family's)....
We had a visit from a good friend, Chris Maddox.  He's been in Rwanda since April and we were his first stop on his journey back to the States.  He's a great photographer and any picture without my Red Thread watermark was taken by him.  Thanks, Chris!!
We went down to the "gummiest" wall in downtown Seattle.  Doesn't it look delicious???  (OK, so we really didn't EAT the existing gum...that stuff was from our mouth.)  
My daughter and friend Kathi are pictured above - can you believe Kathi traveled all the way from Arizona just to chew the gum???
  Next stop, the troll under the bridge in Freemont.  That's my son making friends with the giant!!  I have another picture of him picking the troll's nose.  But after the last few shots I'll try to lighten up on the gross stuff!
  My two favorite boys!!!
  Evidently, this week was a time to get rid of hair around our house too.  My son got his long flowing locks cut off...
Of course, we can't do anything quite "status quo" around our house!!
Good-bye hair!!!
  I've also had some fun taking pictures of other kids this week.  Here is a cutie pie who lets me take her pictures if I feed her "scooby snacks" (her mom is good friend of mine).
  I went and hung out a park with another photographer friend and took pictures of kids climbing all over the equipment.  They were so fun...and don't worry we asked for parental permission first!!  I have a few other great shots, but wanted to protect the privacy of the families, so here is a little "peak-a-boo" shot!!
  I've loved my week off - with guests and family and taking pictures for fun!!  No matter if I'm being "professional" or just taking pictures for the love of it, I love telling a story!!!

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