Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katy and Cole Get Married {Fall City Wedding Photography} I FINALLY am getting some pictures up for Katy and Cole.  Their wedding was beautiful and took place in Katy's backyard.  It was full of family, joy and love!!  It was a privilege to be able to capture a part of their day.  (As a way to make up for my slowness...I've included a bunch of images.  So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!!)
Katy's grandma put the flowers together and I loved the way they looked before they trimmed all the stems to be the same length.  The colors were so beautiful and vibrant!!
Katy putting on her shoes.  I love the light behind her.
Katy is such a beautiful bride.  Her dress was amazing and she has the best eyes!!
I love the "high fashion" look of this one. all I have to say is that this was one of the most fun groups of groomsmen.  Usually the bride and bridesmaids will do whatever but sometimes the guys are a little tentative.   These guys, however, were a BLAST to photograph.
  This is the "eyebrow" photograph...
 Are these guys amazing or what????????
Not to be outdone, here come the girls....
 So the neighbor across the street had a trampoline and the girls decided to get on it and have some fun.  Shhhh....don't tell the neighbors.  They weren't home when we used it.  And if you are "the neighbors" and you recognize the trampoline...thank you for letting us use it!!
 Strike a pose!!!
Katy's dad died quite a few years ago.  He was greatly missed.  I know he would have been amazed at the beautiful bride that stood before me.
  The pastor read from Philippians during the ceremony so I thought I'd capture the rings on this page.  I like the words inside each ring.  What better to build a marriage on than "thanksgiving" and "prayer".
  Just before the wedding, Katy and Cole had a moment together....with a gate in between them.  No seeing one another before the ceremony!!
This little guy is Cole's nephew.  He made a great ring bearer!!!  The hands holding him in the picture are his mom's.  She is a great wedding coordinator.  You can check out her site here - Poised Events.
Katy's grandpa gave her away.  Doesn't she look radiant??  Cole had tears in his eyes as he watched his beautiful bride come down the isle.
  I **LOVE** her bouquet!!!
  A couple from the ceremony...
  They had an empty chair with a flower on it in honor of Katy's dad.
Ahhh....together at last!!!!
  We went back to the gate.  Now it became a place for sharing a kiss.
Cole asked me at some point where they got those pictures that come with picture frames like you'd buy at Target.  I mentioned that they are most likely just stock photos from some where.  He decided that he wanted their picture to be found in those frames.  Well, Cole....I think this one would be a great shot for that!!
As we wrapped up our part of the wedding, Katy and Cole headed off to the reception...may you both have many moments for walking and holding hands.  May God bless you on all the paths He sends you down.
Thanks Katy and Cole!!!  I had such a blast!  Your wedding was beautiful and it was a privilege to get to be a part of this amazing day!

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Mary Jacobson said...

What beautiful pictures, brought tears to my eyes!
Mary J