Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome Paige {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

Our friends Matt and Lisa came over the other night with this delightful bundle of 4 day old JOY!! We had them over for dinner and some photographs (and lots of holding and snuggling that little one!)
So we thought that once she ate and was asleep we'd do all these great sleeping baby shots, but Miss Paige must be a little like my daughter and not want to miss out on any of the action...because she fought sleeping as hard as she could!
I love this little look she gave us. Even at 4 days she looks like she is planning something just a little bit sneaky and is wondering if anyone is watching.
The next two pictures go together because we got evidence that she was sleepy...
...and she was out once we put a blanket over her. (She wasn't totally fond of the naked thing. Can't say I blame her!)
I always like this picture even though it is done a lot. To me it symbolizes the creativity of love. When two people love one another they want to make new life to bring into that love.
And here is the family...
Ahh...we finally have a little naked (mostly) sleeper!!
Perhaps my favorite shot. I love the hat, the wrinkles, and the slightly squished face. I could just eat her up!
Congratulations Matt and Lisa!! May you enjoy watching her, kissing her, taking care of her, playing with her, and totally loving her!!

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stacie boness said...

Tara - your pictures are amazing. You always come up with the most creative posts. I love the rings and the baby...too cute!

Can't wait for next weekend.