Monday, August 31, 2009

Class of 2010 - Courtney {Federal Way Senior Photography}

I got to photograph Courtney the other day and we had fun together!  Senior year starts in just a few days so I was glad to get to be part of her school year preparation.  I think she looks almost collegiate in this picture...
I *LOVE* this picture of her!!  I am sure that mom is making her laugh, but I love her smile and the look of delight on her face.
  Courtney loves princess stuff...after all, what girl doesn't???  So she brought along a lovely tiara and we took some pictures with it on.  Here however, I really think she is trying to give it to me.  Hey...I think that would make me Queen, wouldn't it???
We started at Stadium High those stairs!!
Then we ventured a bit into the downtown area.  I really like the colors of the walls where we were, but then we came across this GREAT sign!!  It is a great thought for all of us...and probably a piece of advice every parent of a high school senior would like to impart to their child.
Looking pretty in pink...
  Downtown again....I love this outfit that Courtney wore.  That is why you'll see a few more pictures of it!!  Looking amazing, Courtney!!! not only does Courtney like princess stuff, she also has a great sense of FUN!!  I brought a purple tutu with me...just in case I could talk her into wearing it.  And guess what???  She did!!  Purple, yellow...LOVE these bright colors!!
  My favorite outfit...once again...
I think Courtney looks just stunning in pink.  And this jacket by the rock walls on the beach looks so fun and casual...just like we spent the day playing and picnic-ing....Ahhh, wish I could!! pretty in pink BUT equally beautiful in yellow.  LOVE the bright colors!!
  Playing on the beach...
I always try to add a black and white and I really liked the soft look of this one.  Courtney looks so happy but really relaxed.  (Of course, it may be that I just totally tired her out...I was having too much fun photographing her!!)
Courtney, it was a privilege to photograph you.  It was fun to get to know you for a couple of hours.  You are amazing and beautiful!!  Good luck this year!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Class of 2010 - Rose {Graham Senior Photography}

Meet Rose...super duper soccer player!!  She's been in "two-a-day" practices for the last few days and in fact she pretty much came from soccer practice to the shoot!  She looks pretty awesome!!!
I think Rose has great eyes and a wonderful smile
We couldn't resist..."a rose by any other name is still a rose".  We went to the rose garden in Point Defiance and since they are her dad's favorite flowers...
 Once again...those amazing eyes!!!  I *LOVE* this picture!
Rose (and mom) brought their dogs along. But this little one is Rose's and is still quite a puppy!  I think she is kissing him...or she is laughing at me because I keep barking to get the puppy to look at me!
We went to the train tracks and I love this picture of her just hanging out enjoying the sunshine.
  Back down at the beach...
Heading up into the train...
 Once again...those amazing eyes!!!
Rose, it was so nice to meet you!!  You were fun to photograph and you look amazing!  Good luck to you this year!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Class of 2010 - Mackenzie {Graham Senior Photography}

When I do a senior session, I try to make it different from the ones I've already done because I want every senior to get a unique set of pictures.  Because of that, many times we'll start out at a familiar place and then wander in new directions.  Mackenzie's Senior Session was totally like that...we got adventurous and went new places I had never been before!!
Mackenzie was amazing to photograph!!  She has such beautiful eyes and a quick laugh (as you'll see soon).  It didn't take her long to get comfortable in front of the camera.
I'm sure she is laughing at her mom right now...but I love her expression!!
  I think this series of pictures (in this outfit) were my absolute favorite of the day!!  You'll see that because I'm including a bunch of them in this post.  But we found an spot I had never photographed in, and here is what happened...
  I had her spin around in her dress...I love the look here, but I'm not sure if she's happy or just dizzy!!  Just kidding!
On the train tracks...if you look back behind her, there is a light.  I'm pretty sure that was a train - not going very fast or not going at all - but a train nonetheless.  Mackenzie, you were brave!!
  Love this *LOOK*!
This one too!
Alright, were back to the dress with the denim jacket...LOVE IT!!  It was at the end of our session, so we had some fun.
Mackenzie, you are gorgeous!!!  I had so much fun with you!  I wish you all the best for this year and beyond!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Heard Family {Brown's Point Family Photography}

Meet the Heard Family! I know them from our local elementary school and when they wanted to have some family pictures taken, I was so glad they called me!!! At the time of these pictures (a couple of days ago) they were celebrating 12 years of marriage and two beautiful girls!!

Family pictures with kids always involve a lot of running, playing and well as trying to catch a picture that looks a little more "traditional". I love this running-action shot of the girls!! Isabelle's HUGE grin tells the whole story!!
Let's be seated a moment to catch our breath...and a fun family picture!! this little cutie was a ball of energy! I *LOVE* her dress and the shoes are pink and sparkley and probably make you run faster, I'm sure. She found some of the beautiful flowers down at Brown's Point and I couldn't help but climb up a tree and get of shot of her smelling them.
Like I said, Mom and Dad were celebrating their anniversary the next day. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, YOU TWO!!!
A little rest again...
....and then some more *FUN*!!!!
Sweet faces!!.....
...and some MORE fun!!!
Do they get any sweeter than this?? I love this picture of Isabelle. Not only is she beautiful, but she is a wonderful and bright young lady.
I love this picture because all of their faces are priceless!! No saying "cheese" here!!
I thought I'd end with this picture of Isabelle and Sofia. I love the fence, the sweet looks and how Sofia has a coy look on her face. They are both really great kids!!
Thanks Heard family!!! It was fun to get to "play" with you the other night...and capture it all in pictures!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Class of 2009 - Tyler {Des Moines Senior Picture Photography}

No...that is not a typo!!  Tyler graduated this last spring and is ready to start college in just a few weeks.  I did his headshots back in the fall of last year and we were going to wait to do his Senior Session until the spring.  Good plan, right?  So....we were scheduled to do Tyler's pictures in May but the morning of the shoot his mom called with some bad news.  Tyler had gone to an overnight and there was some "funny stuff" done to Tyler's eyebrows.  It wasn't very funny to his mom, but what can we do???  I could not photoshop in those great eyebrows!!   So here we are finishing up his session...
Above was Tyler back in the fall of last year.  Below is Tyler from a few days ago.  He was great to photograph and has a great sense of humor!
I love this background...the tide was out and under the boardwalk is always amazing!!
  OK, so it's not the picture you'll send out to announce your graduation, but I couldn't resist capturing his reflection in the water...
Tyler is quite the athlete - football and wrestling (am I missing any?  I'm sure I am)  He is also quite smart I found out...AP Calculus this last year!!  I'm impressed!
I *LOVE* this picture.  Tyler has such great strong features.
Tyler had some favorite t-shirts he brought with him, so we had to get a picture in each.  Again, you're looking handsome, Tyler!
  Tyler, I had fun with you!!  I wish you all the best as you start college!