Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Backman's {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

The Backman's are expecting their first child in just a few weeks and I had the privilege of doing this little boy's first photo shoot ( I haven't really seen him yet.  This was more about mom and dad!)
Mareesha and Chris were so fun!  They were up for we went on an adventure in downtown Tacoma!  I always love doing maternity sessions outside!
This little guy is so lucky!!  He has parents who really love each other and who like each others company.  It is always fun for me to capture the *LOVE* of a couple!  
  Alright, so here is one of my favorite places in the downtown.  This blue door frame is so fun...and tucked away!  I love this picture of Mareesha...she is looking back at Chris.  Her smile is amazing and her eyes just sparkle!!
You guys fit well together...all three of you!!
This may be one of my favorite shots from our time together.  Love the train the moment together.
  Of course, I love this one too!!   Delighting in his kiss....
When I took this one, I told Mareesha that this was the "sexy mama" shot.  Perhaps her son will someday say "YUCK!!" to that (because that is just what kids do) but I think she looks AMAZING and I know Chris thinks so too!
Mareesha was a soccer player in college and both of them are big Sounders fans.  I love that you guys put on your jerseys...such a part of your family's story!!
Perhaps a future Sounder in there?!?!?!
  From what I understand, doctors had told Mareesha that she wouldn't be able to have children...and now here she is, just weeks away from having her arms full with a little baby!!  What a blessing!!
Down by the beach...
  OK...maybe this is my favorite shot.  (Who am I kidding?  I say that about each one...whatever picture I am looking at is my favorite at that moment.)
I had to end with this picture.  I love the look on Mareesha's face!
What an honor to photograph you, Backman's!!  I had so much fun with you - hearing your story, exploring new places, and capturing your love for each other!  I cannot wait to meet that little boy of yours!!!!

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