Monday, August 24, 2009

Class of 2009 - Tyler {Des Moines Senior Picture Photography}

No...that is not a typo!!  Tyler graduated this last spring and is ready to start college in just a few weeks.  I did his headshots back in the fall of last year and we were going to wait to do his Senior Session until the spring.  Good plan, right?  So....we were scheduled to do Tyler's pictures in May but the morning of the shoot his mom called with some bad news.  Tyler had gone to an overnight and there was some "funny stuff" done to Tyler's eyebrows.  It wasn't very funny to his mom, but what can we do???  I could not photoshop in those great eyebrows!!   So here we are finishing up his session...
Above was Tyler back in the fall of last year.  Below is Tyler from a few days ago.  He was great to photograph and has a great sense of humor!
I love this background...the tide was out and under the boardwalk is always amazing!!
  OK, so it's not the picture you'll send out to announce your graduation, but I couldn't resist capturing his reflection in the water...
Tyler is quite the athlete - football and wrestling (am I missing any?  I'm sure I am)  He is also quite smart I found out...AP Calculus this last year!!  I'm impressed!
I *LOVE* this picture.  Tyler has such great strong features.
Tyler had some favorite t-shirts he brought with him, so we had to get a picture in each.  Again, you're looking handsome, Tyler!
  Tyler, I had fun with you!!  I wish you all the best as you start college!

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