Monday, August 31, 2009

Class of 2010 - Courtney {Federal Way Senior Photography}

I got to photograph Courtney the other day and we had fun together!  Senior year starts in just a few days so I was glad to get to be part of her school year preparation.  I think she looks almost collegiate in this picture...
I *LOVE* this picture of her!!  I am sure that mom is making her laugh, but I love her smile and the look of delight on her face.
  Courtney loves princess stuff...after all, what girl doesn't???  So she brought along a lovely tiara and we took some pictures with it on.  Here however, I really think she is trying to give it to me.  Hey...I think that would make me Queen, wouldn't it???
We started at Stadium High those stairs!!
Then we ventured a bit into the downtown area.  I really like the colors of the walls where we were, but then we came across this GREAT sign!!  It is a great thought for all of us...and probably a piece of advice every parent of a high school senior would like to impart to their child.
Looking pretty in pink...
  Downtown again....I love this outfit that Courtney wore.  That is why you'll see a few more pictures of it!!  Looking amazing, Courtney!!! not only does Courtney like princess stuff, she also has a great sense of FUN!!  I brought a purple tutu with me...just in case I could talk her into wearing it.  And guess what???  She did!!  Purple, yellow...LOVE these bright colors!!
  My favorite outfit...once again...
I think Courtney looks just stunning in pink.  And this jacket by the rock walls on the beach looks so fun and casual...just like we spent the day playing and picnic-ing....Ahhh, wish I could!! pretty in pink BUT equally beautiful in yellow.  LOVE the bright colors!!
  Playing on the beach...
I always try to add a black and white and I really liked the soft look of this one.  Courtney looks so happy but really relaxed.  (Of course, it may be that I just totally tired her out...I was having too much fun photographing her!!)
Courtney, it was a privilege to photograph you.  It was fun to get to know you for a couple of hours.  You are amazing and beautiful!!  Good luck this year!!

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