Friday, August 21, 2009

Class of 2010 - Jessica {Graham Senior Photography}

I had the privilege of photographing Jessica yesterday.  Is she not stunning?!?!?
I have to say...I love my seniors!!  I love downtown Tacoma!! And I love it when the seniors are game for anything...
We were on our way to the waterfront and I took a little "detour".  Jessica and her mom were happy to oblige and we ended up at this graffiti wall.  LOVE IT!!!
  Down by the waterfront looking wonderful!!  There was a group of boys jumping off the rocks right behind me that kept trying to get Jessica's attention.  Can you blame them???
  I figured I'd go through one more set of each outfit choice.  There are so many amazing shots, it is hard to choose just a few. 
I am pretty sure that mom was making Jessica laugh here...I always love it when moms come along.  Not only do they help see little clothing things that I might miss, but they can sometimes get their kids to laugh (and roll their eyes!) in a way that I can't.  Maybe it's because I have them telling an embarrassing story???  No...Just kidding!!
  Looking gorgeous on the train tracks!!

Jessica, it was so FUN to photograph you!!!  I had a blast!!  I wish you the best this year and into the future!

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Vonda Denny said...

Tara, these pics are beautiful! And you are right, she is stunning!! I love your creativity! Love, Vonda