Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Heard Family {Brown's Point Family Photography}

Meet the Heard Family! I know them from our local elementary school and when they wanted to have some family pictures taken, I was so glad they called me!!! At the time of these pictures (a couple of days ago) they were celebrating 12 years of marriage and two beautiful girls!!

Family pictures with kids always involve a lot of running, playing and action...as well as trying to catch a picture that looks a little more "traditional". I love this running-action shot of the girls!! Isabelle's HUGE grin tells the whole story!!
Let's be seated a moment to catch our breath...and a fun family picture!!
OK...so this little cutie was a ball of energy! I *LOVE* her dress and the shoes are pink and sparkley and probably make you run faster, I'm sure. She found some of the beautiful flowers down at Brown's Point and I couldn't help but climb up a tree and get of shot of her smelling them.
Like I said, Mom and Dad were celebrating their anniversary the next day. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, YOU TWO!!!
A little rest again...
....and then some more *FUN*!!!!
Sweet faces!!.....
...and some MORE fun!!!
Do they get any sweeter than this?? I love this picture of Isabelle. Not only is she beautiful, but she is a wonderful and bright young lady.
I love this picture because all of their faces are priceless!! No saying "cheese" here!!
I thought I'd end with this picture of Isabelle and Sofia. I love the fence, the sweet looks and how Sofia has a coy look on her face. They are both really great kids!!
Thanks Heard family!!! It was fun to get to "play" with you the other night...and capture it all in pictures!!!

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