Saturday, September 19, 2009

Class of 2010 - Emerald {Graham Senior Photography}

Meet Emerald...the minute I saw her, I was jealous!  I LOVE the color of her hair (I always wanted red hair!!) and her eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue!! 

I also LOVED the bright colors that she chose to wear for most of our session together!  I can tell she is full of life and spunk and passion!

We met down at Owen Beach and followed the circle around to Logging Camp 6 to one of my favorite spots...the train tracks.

Emerald brought her boyfriend Tyler along with her, so we decided to get a few pictures of them together.  Tyler was also very good at watching my stuff and blocking the sun when needed...can I hire you sometime, Tyler??

So on the pathway we came across this poem.  I liked the way the words cascaded down...

So I usually do at least one black and white from each session to post to the blog, but this was as close to diminished color as I could get.  Emerald's eyes and hair are so fabulous that I could just not turn her black and white!

On the picture above...there was this huge gust of wind that came out of nowhere and blew a ton of leaves around.  We decided to get in the middle of it so we could get that wonderful wind blown look...I love it when the wind cooperates!!


At the end of our shoot Emerald was willing to stand across a very narrow street with LOTS of traffic and act like she was as relaxed as anything.  Now that is super model material!!

Picking flowers at the park...


Oh so pretty in pink....


Emerald, it was so fun to meet you and get to hang out with you.  You look marvelous and it was tough to pick just a few pictures for this post!!  I wish you all the best in your Senior Year!!

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