Sunday, September 13, 2009

Class of 2010 - Erica {Graham Senior Photography}

Every senior girl is SO unique and so each session I do has its own flavor.  With Erica I would say that the predominant mood was FUN!!  Erica worked the camera, was willing to be silly, and was so expressive!  Once again, there are so many pictures I could have posted, but I chose some that show off just how much fun we had the other day!
Love, love, LOVE this picture!!!  Erica was totally in super model mode!
Now in fun, silly, jumping mode...
I love this one because it shows her beautiful smile and eyes...and her reflection as well.
  Being silly once me a little attitude.  But also a glimpse of Erica as a friend, as this picture also showcases her bracelet that is a reminder of a friend who recently passed away.
Spinning around on the bridge.  Love that dress and those heels, Erica!!!
Once again, rocking in front of my camera!!  Erica loved this sign and thought it would be fun to have a picture in front of the "do not block"....does this show a little rebellious side of her???
  Super model downtown...
And now the musical side of Erica...she plays the clarinet.  Oh how I would have loved to hear her play!!
I love how bold and full of life Erica is.  I can tell she lives life in rhythm to her own music...something we all need to learn a little more!
Last seems to me she is looking off and dreaming about what her future holds.  Whatever it is, Erica, I am sure it will be full of adventure, music, fun, and the uniqueness of you!!
  You totally rocked in front of my camera, Erica!!  May you also rock this year...and may your Senior year be absolutely AMAZING!!

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