Monday, September 7, 2009

Class of 2010 - Katie {Graham Senior Photography}

I had so much fun with Katie, her mom and boyfriend, Josh. I did Josh's senior pictures last year, so it was fun to have him in front of my camera again (scroll down). So...Katie has such a great smile and in fact, it was difficult to get her to give me some serious faces!! I've put a mix of "looks" in this blog, but this first one is priceless. I was trying to get her to look elsewhere (instead of directly in my camera), so I pointed in a direction and evidently I pointed to a car where the couple inside were giving us a show of a make-out session!! I LOVED Katie's reaction!!!
I really liked this one too. She has just a little attitude in that look and her eyes are AMAZING!!!
Ahh...the adventures we have on our Senior Sessions!! I told Katie to go stand half-way down this road AND that cars rarely came driving on it. Of course...the minute she gets to where I want her to stand, I have to get her to come running back because a big truck with a boat are headed her direction!!
One of my favorite places we went was the beach. Of course, it started to rain a little, but that did not deter us!! I love this color on Katie and the soft light hitting her...
All I can say is that Josh was a trooper. I am sure there were moments when he was thinking to himself..."OK, enough already!! Just how may pictures do girls really need???" However, he was a good sport and we even got him in a couple of pictures. I got them holding hands - swinging them high toward me...
...and then here they are totally laughing at each other and me (for making them do the above picture)!!

So now here is a more "normal" picture. You guys are cute together!!!

Back at the beach again...Katie is looking like a super model. And in fact, we had some people watching us and pointing at her. I think they were trying to figure out if she was famous!!

So pretty in pink!!!!

Love it, Katie!!! Way to work the camera!!!

OK...what can I say??? Flawless skin, amazing eyes...are you sure you are not famous, Katie????

Last I was editing it, I was frustrated by the white marks that are randomly all over the picture. I thought maybe something was wrong with my lens. And then I remembered those ominous clouds that kept chasing us!! Yes...the rain finally caught up with us, but not before we took some glam shots on the train tracks.
Katie...I had so much fun with you!!! There are a bunch more pictures that I could have put on that I keep saying "Oh..I love that one..and that one...and that one". But I must limit myself. Enjoy these as a sneak peak until you get the CD!!! May this be one of the greatest years of your life!!

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