Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Class of 2010 - Nicole {Graham Senior Photography}

Once again...high school senior sessions are a blast!!!  Nicole met me in downtown Tacoma and totally rocked in front of my camera!!  I *LOVE* this first one...the coloring, the sun flare, the amazing model-looking girl....
 Nicole preferred to have most of her pictures be more serious (non-smiling) but I really liked this one.  She is laughing at something her mom or sister said.  I think she has a great smile!!
We found these words painted on the wall and knew we needed to get a picture with it.   However, unconventional phrases need unconventional poses...
We found these two chairs just waiting for us on the street.  Again, Nicole, I love the laugh!!
  One thing I love about a downtown area is that we can always find a mixture of backgrounds, textures and even some foliage.  I thought this was an amazing shot of Nicole.  A little sunshine, a little plant framing her face, and a little bit of a coy look... her school's mascot is a Ram, so we couldn't resist this one.  (I promise we did not paint it was already there!!)
Down at the beach in black and white.
We did our last shots near the train tracks.  If you look closely, there is actually a train going by behind her.  LOVE the scarf, Nicole!!  (Now give it back to your sister!!)
 And lastly...laying on the train tracks.  You will notice that this time there is no train coming!!  Nicole, I am jealous of those fabulous long legs...the tracks make them seem even longer.
Nicole, I had so much fun with you!!  You were amazing in front of the camera.  Have the most wonderful year...and happy birthday in a couple of days!!!

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