Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class of 2010 - Sarah {Graham Senior Photography}

I had a fun time with Sarah the other day!!  I thought I would start with this picture because not only do I like the colors, but this is one of Sarah's favorite stations!  Love the Funky Monkey!!

Sarah is easy-going and a great conversationalist.  I also think she has great eyes!!



So we met at this little coffee shop down in Ruston and look what we found upstairs...some cool old movie theater seats!!  They were practically begging us to use them as part of our photo shoot!!


Love the yellow...and the little bit of attitude here, Sarah!!


Alright...so I have been wanting to photograph a senior here in front of this tunnel for a while.  The only problem is, every time I am here there is so much traffic...AND the tunnel is super narrow and as they exit, drivers are kind of driving blind.  But Sarah was totally up for it!!  What you don't see is both mom and dad standing guard and yelling at us whenever a car would come!  (And you also don't see the sign that says "No Pedestrians Allowed in the Bridge!!...And technically we weren't it it!!)



Next we headed down to the waterfront.  I LOVE that Sarah decided to wear a dress!!   You look gorgeous, Sarah!!



Cute fun at the beach shot!  I love how her dress compliments those fall colors that are starting to show in the background!

Lastly...to the train tracks.  What can I say?  You look strong, amazing and ready to conquer your senior year, Sarah!!



I think this might be one of my favorites.  First, I love her eyes (did I mention that before??) but I also love her skin up next to the wood and the vines growing up the wall.  You look like you could be out of a magazine, Sarah!!

Sarah, I had a blast with you!!  Thanks for choosing Red Thread to do your Senior Pictures!  May this year be full of great times and great memories for you!!

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