Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Fun Family!! {Normandy Park Family Photography}

When I photograph families with young kids I try to be sure we have lots of action and play...and then we try to sneak a few "traditional" shots.  Well this family was full of FUN and PLAY and I had a blast with them!!  We started out on land the family has owned for quite some time.  It has this beautiful pathway, amazing fences and a wonderful trees.
Meet big brother.  He is four and full of energy!  When I arrived he was riding his bike so, of course, we had to get some pictures of that.  I think this is one of those "reality family pictures" - one child is racing around on his bike while the rest of the family is in the background waiting for him. with kids!!  Isn't it wonderful???
Both kids were so sweet and fun to photograph....
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!!  Talk about a family in action!!
  I really liked this candid photo of them too...I was standing in some tall grass across from them and they were looking at the duck swimming by.  I love quiet family moments like this!!
  Kissing babies....and a mother's heart is full!!!
Play, play and more play....
  Down to the beach we went.  I just like this picture - everyone walking hand in hand but big brother definitely leading the way!
  So we decided to have them jump off the log and the boys wanted to do it "Rock Band" style.  I have other pictures where they are more altogether, but I loved this one!  Dad is having a great time, Mom's laughter is almost contagious and Big Brother's attempt at the "rock band" hand is ADORABLE!!
Just in case you thought I didn't get any pictures where ALL of you were looking at the camera...
Ahhhh...a moment at the beach.  Stealing kisses with one child around your leg and the other getting his shoes totally wet as he walks into the water!   Isn't this what family is all about??

Yashruti's I had a MARVELOUS time with your family.  It was a privilege to photograph you and your amazing children!!  Maybe we can all have hummus and tabouli the next time we do some pictures!!

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