Monday, September 28, 2009

Shannel {Puyallup Portrait Photography}

I was so glad to have Shannel in front of my camera again!!  We did a Senior Session together over a year ago, had so much fun then and this last session was no different!  Shannel is fun to be with and totally works the camera!!

We wanted to do a few pictures for her boyfriend who is in boot camp right now.  She decided to wear a shirt that belongs to offense, but I'm sure she looks cuter in it than him!!



A little message for her boyfriend....


Shannel was good enough to humor me.  I asked her to bring her prom dress so I could take a few shots of her in different venues.  I LOVED the ones in front of the Liberty Theater in downtown Puyallup!!
I only wish that we had more time.....


A little "material girl"...(does anyone remember that video, or am I just revealing my age????)

Shannel....I had so much fun with you once again!!  I always love being with you and hearing about what is going on in your life!  Let's have lunch soon!!

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