Thursday, October 1, 2009

Class of 2010 - Alex {Graham Senior Photography}

Alex is one of those rare creatures to grace my camera...young men!!  I think maybe that Senior Sessions have a bad image with Senior Boys.  Maybe they think they will have to do the "super model" thing!!  However, my time with Alex was anything but "girly"...starting with the addition of his beautiful dog!!

The dog was FULL of spunk and life and curiosity...


I LOVE this picture!!  I think I have a thing for shadows right now...hmmm, maybe that's because we so rarely see them because the sun seems to be hidden so often?!?!  Anyway, I really liked the way the shadow of Alex and his dog become the primary subjects.



So Alex and I had great conversations during our time together.  He told me that he likes being a student and likes learning.  Me too, Alex, me too.  Love these next two pictures...they show Alex's strength and confidence...and show a little of the Tacoma skyline too!



Shall we say "Generation Text"...


...and "Generation Starbucks"?  (Although I'm right there with you on the Starbucks thing!)


As Alex looks forward to college and studying, we thought we'd get some pictures at the UW Tacoma campus.  Looking pretty collegiate, Alex!  I'd say it suits you.


I love this picture too!!  Pensive, studious...(and a little black and white for mom!)


A couple of more on campus...



As we talked, I realized how well-read Alex is.  He really likes reading and would actually like to do something in the area of journalism someday.  (Can I say I know you when you get famous???)  We went by an old used book store and thought that Alex would be in his element there.

 Which one to choose???



And lastly...just in case you thought I didn't have any pictures of him actually looking at me....Alex with a great smile!!

Alex, I had such a great time hanging out with you and getting to know you!  I hope your year is filled with lots of great books, the discovery of learning and lots of scholarships to go to the school of your choice!!! 

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