Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Class of 2010 - Ryan {Graham Senior Photography}

Ahhh...the many faces of Ryan!!  Fun, artistic, athletic, full of faith, and musical!  I did his head shots a few weeks ago, so this Session was just pure fun!!

We found these cool old cargo boxes on an empty 'em!!

Ryan plays the trumpet and he was gracious enough to demonstrate a little of his talent during our Senior Session!!  Thanks, was GREAT!!



Out on the dock at a marina always makes a great place for a reflection shot...



I love the section of Tacoma that we were in.  It is rough, industrial...almost "junky"...but a perfect location for senior pictures for a guy.  We headed on down to this old abandoned caboose on the railroad tracks...


I love, love, love this picture!!!  It's grittiness, the look on Ryan's face...and don't worry I have it in color too!!



The family joined us long enough to snap a few pictures on the 11th Street Bridge.  You guys look wonderful!!


I always love watching how parents relate to their kids.  You can tell that Ryan's parents are so proud of him.  His mom gushed with pride when she spoke about the young man she sees him becoming!!  (I'm sure dad does too, but I didn't get to chat with him for all that long.)


A few more pictures in downtown Tacoma...


LOVE it, Ryan!!!


Ryan, it was really a privilege to hang out with you and photograph you!!  Hope you have the most amazing year!!

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