Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Family Fun {Federal Way Family Photography}

I had the chance to photograph the Jackson's a couple of days ago in the midst of the beautiful fall foliage.  Their two kids talked to me all along the path toward the lake, and by the time we were ready to begin photographing I felt like I was family friend to them!!

Along the way, their little one Sydney picked up this amazing yellow leaf that made it into many of the pictures you are about to see. 

Hanging out on the dock.  I'm not really sure who the dock belongs to, but I figure that sometimes it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission!!


The leaf....and some beautiful eyes!!


Their handsome son, Cole.


Brian's parents were in town visiting, so we thought we'd get them in a few of the pictures.  It was fun to watch grandma and grandpa with them...these kiddos are LOVED!!



I always like to get families playing together.  Isn't that what we all do best??  And so often there is no one there to document all the joy and laughter.




We found a slug on our photographic adventure and of course we had to capture the moment.  Can you tell how they feel about slugs???


Now I think this is a "reality family picture".  Mom and Dad are adoringly gazing into each others eyes while the kids are getting more wild by the minute, running circles around them!!




OK, so this is the last series...but it's my favorite.  I love the sneaky look on those faces!!



I had so much fun with you, Jackson Family!!!  The fall leaves were almost as beautiful as your amazing family, so they made a great back drop for you all!! 

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Carrie Osterloh said...

Mrs. Osterloh LOVES the Jackson family!! What beautiful pictures Tara! You are so talented.