Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Ones: Paige {Tacoma Baby Photography}

I love this little girl!!!  I love her parents!!!  It is always a pleasure to photograph her (partly because I get to hold her and kiss those wonderful cheeks!)
I have photographed Paige three times...while she was still hidden, in the hospital, and some newborn in studio pictures.  Here she is at 3 months...

Paige is learning to blow bubbles and make new noises.  I love the little grin and wet mouth in the above picture.  What you can't see is me trying to make the same sounds back at her and being unsuccessful at blowing bubbles back.


Grandma bought Paige this little bracelet and we wanted to try to capture it in a photo. have to move more quickly than a 3 month old's hands when trying to attempt this!!!



Well, it's October and I couldn't resist a little photo opp in our in-studio pumpkin patch.  Paige was ready to crawl right over them!!  She was such a little trooper too...the pumpkins were on my front steps before she came over, so they were a little cold!!


We wanted her on her tummy, but she decided that she wanted to practice her rolling...



Then we went outside and....look what I found in my garden!!!  The best kind of flower of all!!



And lastly...a different flower in my garden!


Paige, you are beautiful and amazing!!!  Matt and Lisa, you are wonderful parents!!  Thanks for letting me photograph her...and hug and squeeze her too!!

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