Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Arrivals: Elliot {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

He has arrived!!! After many hours of labor, Elliot Christopher Charles made his entrance into this world.
It is always amazing to think how can a person suddenly exist where there was not one before?? The answer to that is: simply miraculously!!

It is always a daunting task to name a child. To name something gives it meaning and tells something about what is being named. How much harder for parents to name a child whom they have only just met!! Chris and Mareesha were super thoughtful about the names they gave him...

Elliot: (from the Hebrew) meaning "My God is the Lord"

The three of them together. Perhaps you remember them from here?

This little guy is adored and loved by both mom and dad. He will know the delight of their love all the days of his life and will, no doubt, feel many more of their kisses fall upon his face.

Christopher: (from his dad!) meaning "bearer of Christ"

I always love this shot. I think it gives a beautiful picture to the phrase, "All because two people fell in LOVE!"

Charles: (not sure where it is from) meaning "strong".

He was such a perfect little sleeper!! I love how he grabbed his hat in this one!!

And, of course, since we had done some maternity pictures in the jersey...well, we just couldn't resist!!

Chris and Mareesha, your little guy is SO amazing!! Thank you for the awesome privilege of being part of your first few days together!! Can't wait to see him at 3 months!!


Erin McFarland said...

love love the backlit shot in the baby basket! beautiful photos Tara :)

Kate said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job taking pictures of baby Elliot! I also loved Moe's maternity pictures...if I ever have another baby I'll be heading your way! :) Thank you for giving such an amazing gift (these pictures) to my friends, the Backmans!