Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Arrivals: Little A {Puyallup Newborn Photography}

Meet Big A, Medium A and Little A...a beautiful family with this amazing little newborn son!!  They came to see me right before I left out of town, so I am now finally posting a few pictures...thanks for your patience guys!!

I am a true believer that every child comes out of the womb with a personality of his or her own...and it is always evident during newborn sessions.  Most newborns will sleep right through all the moving and positioning I do, but this little guy wanted to be awake for most of it.  I think he will be so observant in life and not want to miss a minute of the fun!!

 I love this picture of Little A...weighing in for this event called "life"!!

We had a moment of sleep....way too cute!!!


This little guy's name means "lion".  Not only will he not want to miss out on any of life, I think he will also be strong and confident...and perhaps give his parents a little "roar" every once and a while??


With his adoring (and beautiful mom)...
Hey all you A' was so great to meet you and have you in studio.  Your little guy is amazing and so handsome.  I can't wait to photograph you all again!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a totally cutie! You guys look amazing -- wonderful photos!