Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Osterloh's {Adoption Photography}

Have you ever met REAL heroes??  People who really change the course of another person's life, give of  themselves sacrificially and open the doors of opportunity for others?  I got to be with those people last Tuesday...and got to be part of an amazing adoption celebration!!

Carrie and Dan may never make the evening news (which they should!) nor ever get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (which they deserve!) but they are heroes, in my book, nonetheless!  They have been foster care parents for these two precious children over the past year or so (sorry...I'm not sure how long).  They have provided a stable home and parental love to two kids who needed it!  And this day, we got to celebrate the four of them becoming a "forever family".


The kids got gifts from many of those who came to celebrate at the courthouse with the family.  I am sure they have all walked many a mile with Carrie, Dan and the kids - encouraging, giving counsel, providing babysitting when needed!


A favorite gift was the wall balls...with his full (new) name written on them.  I can just hear the laughter and shouting coming from the playground at recess!!


Last year's teacher and this year's teacher were there to celebrate with the family!!


I tried to capture the whole crowd walking into the courtroom, but the hall was too narrow and the crowd was too big!!


In the courtroom...






The judge was amazing to work with!!  He let us take pictures from up behind him and all around the courtroom!!


Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you The Osterloh's!!  You may now give high fives!!


With their Court Appointed Special Advocates...some beautiful people who are glad, I am sure, to see a happy ending!!  (Or rather happy beginning...)






One BEAUTIFUL family!!


And these are some of my favorite...getting down to the business of PLAYING with Mom and Dad!!





Congratulations Osterlohs!!!  I love that in this courthouse Justice met Mercy...and they embraced and kissed and made a family!

 It was a privilege to be there!


Anonymous said...

I knew you had taken these photos... And I soon as I saw the word "Adoption" across their paperwork - tears in an instant filled my eyes. From one adoptive mom to another - congratulations!!!! Ashlee

Tedi Anne Hasapopoulos said...

Carrie and Dan, Ben and Jenna,

Aunt Tedi Anne is crying tears of joy over this wonderful day! I wish I had been there, but I was there in spirit!

I love you all very much!

Tedi Anne

Anonymous said...

"Osterloh's"... just got this link forwarded to me from... where else? Backus, MN :) Really wonderful to see the pictures, your happiness and finally "officially" a family!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!All our Love, Chris & Charlie and the rest!!! :) Hugs!!! Can't wait to meet Benn and Jenna