Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seeing the Light {Photography Workshop}

Ahhh....I am now at home sipping a cup of tea and really FEELING the difference of 40 degrees between Phoenix and Seattle. I am so glad no one can see me right now because, far from glamorous, I am in my sweats, slippers and under my favorite fuzzy blanket...(not that I ever really think of myself as glamorous).

It was a whirlwind trip to Arizona - taking a missions trip down to Mexico, seeing old friends, celebrating a birthday (for my son) - and then after I put my family on a plane back to Seattle last week....I got to stay and play!!!

A few months ago I began to dream about a "workshop" (sort of) where photographers could gather, get to know each other and share what they know. Let's call it a collaborative experiment...and in these last few days, the dream came to fruition. Here is the crew I got to hang out with for 3 days....

We began the workshop experiment with a meal together, getting to know each other and then a lesson in using our flashes from my friend, David Anderson (note..that was NOT a lesson in flashing!!) Many of us realized how much we didn't know about our flashes and David set us straight. Thank you!!!

The next day we got to spend the whole day with Stuart Thurlkill of Eyes 2 See Photography. What a privilege that was for us.

Stuart talked shop with us in his studio during the morning and afternoon and then we had him walk us through a bridal shoot. (My friend Roseanne and her husband Justin were generous enough to show up looking amazing and did everything we told them to do...thanks guys!!)

So I'd love to introduce the participant to you...

Chris of Christopher Maddox Photography (you may recognize him from the Mexico trip pictures too!!)

Renee (and Keane) of Renee Bergmen Photography

And below is Christine of Christine Kay Photography

David of David Anderson Images...and I have to say this may be one of my favorite pictures. It so shows who David is!! He is putting down his flash (we already know he is an expert in that arena) and when we were talking about our styles, he would say his is to be so behind the scenes and unobtrusive that you hardly even know he is there. But I caught him!!!)

And we can't forget Stuart!! I just LOVE this picture!!

I already feel like this post is going to be SO long, but I thought I'd throw in one of our beautiful bride...

On Friday, Doni shared how she uses her off camera flash and then we headed over to Erin's for a lesson in Newborn and Maternity Photography.

Erin doing her "baby magic" above...

I think our model is one hot mama!!

The workshop was officially over on Friday night. Thank you to all who participated!! It was so fun to meet you all, get to know you and learn from you. How about doing this again?? How about summer in Seattle??

Devon and I went on to do a couple of more shoots on Saturday was a Senior Session (sort of!!) and then a family. Here are a couple from those times...

The kids in the background of this next one were making the same kind of faces my kids make when my husband and I go in for a kiss. I think I almost heard a child say..."sick-o" (which is what usually comes out of my son's mouth!)

I had SO much fun (and sunshine and warmth!!) However, I must say along with the cliche, "There's no place like home!!"

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