Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doing a Double Take: The Vyas Family {Kenmore Family Photography}

I really LOVE doing family pictures!!  Each family is so unique and comes with their own set of stories!  From their cultural backgrounds, to where they grew up; from where they live now, to how they met - each family is already a beautiful work of art!!  And I love to watch families PLAY together - to make eye contact, give kisses and share giggles.  It is always a privilege to be invited into that!!

So I got to go capture a piece of the Vyas family story the other day, and with it came a double dose of JOY!!  Their 3 month old twin girls are so beautiful!!  It was funny though, because for the first half of our Session, they took turns falling asleep!  (And I say...unless there are extraordinary circumstances, NEVER wake a sleeping baby!!)

LOVE this next picture!!

The thing about Sessions with babies is that sometimes everyone needs a little break.  This gives me the opportunity to capture some everyday occurances.  (I mean, who else but a crazy photographer wants to photograph a crying baby...unless you see it as a picture of dad loving and consoling his daughter.  This is the first of many, many, many of those moments I am sure!)

And then there is one can evoke smiles like mom!!!

These two little ones were SOOOOO cute!!  I could have just kissed and squeezed them all day...

So remember when I said that all families are already their own amazing stories in the making??  I think these guys have a cool little tale.  (I hope I get this right!!)  These two little ones have twin cousins (girls also) that were born in England.  They were all born on the same day, and given all the time change stuff, they were probably born just hours apart!!  How cool is that??  And how much do I wish I could photograph all four of them????

Just chillin' on the couch.  Perhaps waiting to have a tea party...uh, I mean watch football...with dad?

Another needed break...

The girls each have a most beautiful blanket with their name on it.  We had to use them as a backdrop.

When I was taking the series that this next picture is from, I knew it would be my favorites.  I was NOT disappointed.  Could they get any cuter??  I think this could be a Valentine's card!!

Vyas Family, thank you for inviting me into your home!!  Thank you for allowing me to capture a piece of your story and your beautiful little girls!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Class of 2010 - Chanda {Graham Senior Photography} have to love the weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  It always keeps us on our toes...or at least coming up with contingency plans!  Once again, it had been raining and we weren't sure if the session was going to happen.  But we decided to go for...and I'm glad we did!!

The clouds were always on the verge of dumping rain on us - and actually did...TWICE!!  Each time we headed for some shelter and tried to do what we could do under it.

I love this walk in the leaves.  They were so thick, Chanda had trouble walking through them.  She was a good sport though because her boots were pretty soaked by the time we shuffled through them!

Chanda brought her puppy along, so during one of our duck-for-cover-because-it's-pouring moments, we captured the one moment Gracie actually sat still!  However, I can't blame her...a park full of grass and puddles is a dog's dream!

Out under those ominous clouds again we ventured.  And I got to see a fun and silly side of Chanda on the kids playground.  The play toy was in the shape of a boat and Chanda became captain of her own ship!!

LOVE the color this parasol added to the session.  Chanda had traveled to Japan and bought it there, so she wanted some pictures with it to commemorate the memory.

It's funny because by the end of the photo shoot, the clouds broke apart and we saw a few precious streams of sunlight.  I didn't think it was enough to ask her to jump INTO the water, but knew that laying on the dock would be OK.

So Chanda also brought her boyfriend Nathan along.  I had to catch a picture of Gracie walking the two of them!!  (Then we tried tying Gracie up so I could capture a few of just the two of them, but she got loose and so I ended up clicking a few pictures with my camera in one hand and a very energetic dog in the other!!)

Chanda...I think you are gorgeous!!  I had a super fun time with you and you totally worked the camera!  Hope your Senior Year is AMAZING!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Red Thread Story & A Family I Love

I was recently at a retreat hosted by a friend of mine where she did a little "red thread" activity. She took a ball of red yarn, introduced herself and began to tell us a story about her life. As soon as anyone had a point in common with that story, they were to stand up, tell the connection and then introduce themselves and start the process all over again. As they told their connection with the last story, that person would throw the ball of red yarn to them, but still keeping hold of a part of it herself.

What began to happen, as each person around the room found some sort of connection with another's story was a beautiful web of connection - a Red Thread web - literally began to form before our eyes. It was cool to see how each of our stories intersected with one another!

This got me thinking about the Red Thread Photo story. Over the past couple of years I've had lots of people ask about the name and where it came from. Of course, there is an explanation in the side bar, but I thought I'd share a few of the original Red Thread girls with you...

Look at these sweet girls!! These are my amazing nieces (sort husband is their dad's cousin. Got that? But their mom and I are good friends!) In fact I just like to think of myself as their Fairy Godmother!!

Well...Q (the one in the middle above) is an original Red Thread girl along with my daughter. The two of them formed a tight bond from the first time they met each other. They played and laughed all weekend long and as we left their house, my daughter cried and cried the six hours home. When I tucked her into bed that night she said, "I feel like there was a string that attached us together and now it is broken!"

I got to tell my little one the story of the Red Thread and assured her that the connection could not be broken. You see, Q was adopted from China and came into our family because of that invisible red thread that already connected us...even if we didn't know it yet!

(The Q-ster in her jammies)

Then came the second girl of the bunch. A curly haired, spit-fire personality who has never learned the fine art of whispering! When I got to travel with the family to China a couple of years back, this little one made quite a splash with the locals. Everywhere we would go people would surround us, take out their cameras and snap was actually kind of weird! (And Miss M did not like it one bit! She learned early on to say "NO, NO...xie, xie" (thank you)).

Then there is the youngest...Miss J. Not to be out done by her sisters, she can definitely hold her own. She may look little, but don't let her fool you...there is a lot of power and punch in her!! I got to photograph when her family met her for the first time (in China). It was a trip that expanded my heart and made me fall in love with these Fairy God-Children of mine!!

I was recently at their house and got to spend the night with this amazing family. I woke up to these beautiful faces and just had to capture them as they were.

So now we'll fast forward a few hours - after a strong cup of coffee and good conversation with their mom - to the looking-all-dressed-up-and-presentable photo opps.

YEAH!!! I love you, H Family!! I am always blessed when I get to be with you! I love the good coffee, the consistent friendship, playing Pretty Pretty Princess, sleepovers in Q's room and Skype-ing my family while at your house!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Class of 2010 - Lacy {Eatonville Senior Photography}

I got up that morning to VERY rainy skies!!  After talking to Lacy, we decided to meet in downtown Tacoma to do her head shots...and then we would see if the weather would be on our side or not.   I knew we could stay under awnings for the head shots and I didn't really think we would get to anything else.  Boy...was I wrong!!

The clouds started to part little by little and by the time we were done the yearbook pictures, the weather was looking a little more promising!  Lacy had brought all her outfits just in case (oh...what an optimist!) so we went for it!!

I totally loved photographing Lacy!!  She has such a natural beauty and was up for anything...including laying on wet sidewalks and going into alcoves filled with trash.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one below.  (I think she looks like a super model!!)

Lacy wore this outfit complete with hat and leg warmers!!  After this photo shoot, I understand better the idea that accessories make the outfit!!

Our last stop was down by the water.  And we shot FAST started raining again just as we parked.  But Lacy makes it look quite effortless, doesn't she???

I end with this little collage.  I like her dancing, laughing and pondering - all on the front of this warehouse!!

Lacy, I think you are amazingly beautiful!!  It was a privilege to photograph are a natural!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Headshots 2010 - Lacy

Hi are your headshots.  Pick your favorite and let me know.  More pictures from the rest of the session to follow...

Picture #1 (above)

Picture #2 (above)

Picture #3 (above)

Picture #4 (above)

Picture #5 (above)

Picture #6 (above)

Picture #7 (above)

Picture #8 (above)