Friday, November 27, 2009

Class of 2010 - Chanda {Graham Senior Photography} have to love the weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  It always keeps us on our toes...or at least coming up with contingency plans!  Once again, it had been raining and we weren't sure if the session was going to happen.  But we decided to go for...and I'm glad we did!!

The clouds were always on the verge of dumping rain on us - and actually did...TWICE!!  Each time we headed for some shelter and tried to do what we could do under it.

I love this walk in the leaves.  They were so thick, Chanda had trouble walking through them.  She was a good sport though because her boots were pretty soaked by the time we shuffled through them!

Chanda brought her puppy along, so during one of our duck-for-cover-because-it's-pouring moments, we captured the one moment Gracie actually sat still!  However, I can't blame her...a park full of grass and puddles is a dog's dream!

Out under those ominous clouds again we ventured.  And I got to see a fun and silly side of Chanda on the kids playground.  The play toy was in the shape of a boat and Chanda became captain of her own ship!!

LOVE the color this parasol added to the session.  Chanda had traveled to Japan and bought it there, so she wanted some pictures with it to commemorate the memory.

It's funny because by the end of the photo shoot, the clouds broke apart and we saw a few precious streams of sunlight.  I didn't think it was enough to ask her to jump INTO the water, but knew that laying on the dock would be OK.

So Chanda also brought her boyfriend Nathan along.  I had to catch a picture of Gracie walking the two of them!!  (Then we tried tying Gracie up so I could capture a few of just the two of them, but she got loose and so I ended up clicking a few pictures with my camera in one hand and a very energetic dog in the other!!)

Chanda...I think you are gorgeous!!  I had a super fun time with you and you totally worked the camera!  Hope your Senior Year is AMAZING!!!

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