Monday, November 16, 2009

Class of 2010 - Katie {Spanaway Senior Photography}

Just when I thought that you have to cancel photoshoots when it is pouring rain...I get proven wrong (sort of)!! It had been raining pretty much all last week, except the day I was supposed to do Katie's pictures. I was so excited because it hadn't rained all day and when I talked to her, Katie said it was clear at her house. However, as I drove (and drove, and drove) to her house, the clouds got thick and ominous and I found myself in the middle of a down pour.

By the time I reached her house, it was raining REALLY hard. However, Katie and I decided we would still try to go for it as long as we could. I knew Katie wanted to use her we started there.

I LOVE this one of Katie looking pensively out the window!! We just moved around the dark, damp barn and used any corner we could. I think Katie made each place look amazing!!

Katie's friend Shannel was there to help. I was so glad she was!! She grabbed towels, held umbrellas...and made Katie laugh!! Thank you Shannel!!!

Whenever I get to a location I start to look for areas and places that will work for what we are doing. This time it was more important than ever to find places that worked. With the rain, we were limited on outside locations but I was glad when I saw a wrap around porch on Katie's house.

But then came the best location EVER!! Katie's neighbors had this great old truck in front of their house and we decided to call them to see if we could use it. I'm sure they thought we were a little crazy...actually, I thought we were a little crazy!! It was still raining so Shannel held an umbrella over Katie and I balanced an umbrella between my shoulder and chin, and the following photos were born...

At some point the rain decided to give us a break (for a couple of minutes), so we took the opportunity do some pictures in the leaves and the yard. Katie was such a trooper because it meant she had to get into the wet leaves and act like she was having a really great time!!

(I got totally wet when she did this!!)

Katie, rain or shine (or just really cloudy and about to rain) look GORGEOUS!!

So, I had to put in a picture of Shannel and Katie - my umbrella girls!! Even though the rain tried to stop us, it couldn't get us down!! We had a great time...although we did decide to call it quits and to do the other half of the session on a nicer (maybe sunnier???) day!! were incredible!! And you look amazing!! If I didn't tell everyone how much rain we endured, I don't think anyone would know. I can't wait for the second half of our session!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love how these turned out!!! Way to get all crafty!!